Presented together with Escondida BHP, this great festival of science will take place between April 18 and 24, with the participation of important cutting-edge researchers, including the Nobel Prize in Physics Reinherd Genzel, the Princess of Asturias Award Sandra Myrna Díaz , the German-American geographer Karen O`Brien, among others.

the science festival Port of Ideas Antofagasta 2022 reinstalls the city as the protagonist of science in our country, where leading international and national researchers dialogue without barriers with citizens and ideas.

This was announced at the launch event held at the Antofagasta Regional Library. With nearly 50 guests and face-to-face activities, this great meeting presented together with Escondida | bhp, will be held between April 18 and 24.

Chantal Signorio, President of the Puerto de Ideas Foundation, He mentioned that “With a joint program, women scientists will have an important role in this version, where nationally and internationally recognized researchers will share with the public their different perspectives on science and the moment we live in.”

“In a context where dialogue must have a leading role, Puerto de Ideas returns to the streets of Antofagasta to be a meeting place with the most outstanding specialists and experts. There we will reflect together on the great challenges we have today to transform tomorrow”, Signorio highlighted.

For its part, Cristóbal Marshall, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Escondida | bhpcommented that “Puerto de Ideas is an unmissable event year after year in Antofagasta and we are glad that we can meet again in person to share about critical thinking, with the presence of prominent national and international exponents.”

“This initiative is part of our vision of promoting spaces that promote the development of people, in this case through science and innovation, which ultimately allows us to generate capacities for the future. We invite you to join us in this great milestone”, added Marshall.

In times when climate change pushes us to take urgent adaptation measures and rethink the way we relate to our natural environment, key figures in the area, such as the German-American geographer, arrive at this new version of the most important scientific festival in Latin America. Karen O’Brieninternationally recognized for researching the social and human dimensions of climate change, who will refer to the idea that each individual has the potential to transform systems on a global scale, with a view to rethinking our relationship with nature.

So too, the Argentine biologist Sandra Myrna Diazrecognized in 2021 with the Princess of Asturias Award, will address her pioneering contributions to the knowledge of plant biology, their responses to environmental change and their effects on ecosystems, research considered transcendental to combat climate change.

Our place in the universe

In recent years we have witnessed incredible advances in astronomy and the study of the universe. At the end of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope mission began, the largest operated to date, to revolutionize astronomical observation. Of that the Greek astronomer will speak Theorodoros Nakoswho worked for five years as a test scientist for this revolutionary telescope.

For her part, the distinguished astronomer Monica RubioNational Science Award recognized worldwide for studying stellar motherhood, will star in an amazing activity to talk about how stars are born.

the german physicist Reinherd Genzel made a discovery that went around the world and earned him the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. Black holes are one of the most labyrinthine mysteries, challenging scientists from Einstein to Hawking. Genzel found evidence of the existence of a black hole in the center of the Milky Way and in his online activity, he will talk about the paths that led to that discovery.

For his part, the American astrophysicist Avi Loeb He will speak, also online, about the Oumuamua, which for him is the first proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence.

the medical revolution

In the field of medicine, prominent researchers who have developed new therapeutic possibilities for different diseases will participate in the festival. It is the case of the oncologist Christopher Huber co-founder of BionTech, a laboratory that developed the first approved vaccine against Covid-19, thanks to mRNA technology, which today opens up new possibilities to generate vaccines against different types of cancer. This is what Huber will address in an online activity entitled Messenger RNA, from science to survival.

The noted immunologist Anna Maria Lennonwill share the details of his research on cancer prevention at the renowned Curie Institute, one of the most important in the field of medicine and biology worldwide, while the Brazilian neuroscientist Draulio Barros de Araujo will refer telematically to the results of a particular investigation on the power of ayahuasca to treat depression.

Technology, humanity and algorithms

The relationship we maintain daily with technology is increasingly close. This has given rise to great advances that simplify many actions, but it has also generated countless ethical debates. American tech expert James Williamswho worked for a decade as a Google strategist, will discuss at the Festival the negative impact that digital technology could have on users and democracy.

Dora Altbiran outstanding physicist and winner of the National Prize for Exact Sciences, will refer to the potential benefit that nanotechnology offers for our future, in a fascinating talk entitled The revolution of the infinitely small. Likewise, the debate on the pros and cons of the use of algorithms will be present in the unmissable scientific event, with an activity in which the French computer scientist will participate Pierre Fraigniaud and the Chilean computer scientist Peter Montealegre.

Shows and education

Music and theater will also be present at the Puerto de Ideas Science Festival Antofagasta 2022. The famous repertoire of The Beatles will be performed by the Antofagasta Symphony Orchestra with the tribute band Pepper Bandwhere the physicist and scientific communicator will also participate Andres Gomberoff with brief interventions to address the relationship between science and music. What’s more, Tryo Theater Band will present the work Capac Ñan, the Inca trail in Chileshow in scenic radio theater format with original music and live sound effects.

With more than 50 educational activities, the expected returns walk through sciencewhich this time will be held at Site Zero, where dozens of important scientific institutions will offer fun experiences for the whole family, including April 21 and 24 with free entry.

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