Reveal the poster of guests at the Hay Festival Colombia 2023

With more than 180 participants from 21 countries, this Wednesday the guests of the Hay Festival, which will take place on January 21 and 22 in Jericó, on January 24 and 25 in Medellín, and from January 26 to 29 in Cartagena de Indias.

Five Nobel Prize winners will visit the country. Among them, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Joseph Stiglitz, Serge Haroche, Oleksandra Matviichuky, Maria Ressaaccording to the organizers, during a press conference held at the Bogota residence of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Colombia.

And with them, as is tradition, will be among the guests, fiction writers Bernardine Evaristo, Rachel Cusk, Andrei Kurkov, Leonardo Padura, Jean Baptiste del Amo, Parinoush Saniee, Giovanna Giordano, Dolores Redondo, Deborah Levy, Alia Trabucco, Lucía Lijtmaer.

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In the essay and thought genre, the view of Yayo Herrero, Santiago Beruete, Pablo D’Ors, Richard Firth-Godbehere, Oded Galor, Esther Paniagua, Ivan Krastev, Moises Naim, Carole Cadwallar, Dan Saladino among many others.

This version will feature the participation of various musicians, from different genres who will discuss their art, as well aso Juanes, Andrea Echeverri, Fonseca, Pacific Power, Hugo Candelario and the singer iLe.

On this occasion, the Hay Festival returns to its hybrid modality, which will also include the free streaming of various talks. The organizers informed that the tickets will be on sale through

Leonardo Padura is known for his crime novels about detective Mario Conde and for the novel ‘The man who loved dogs’.

Some outstanding events


Among the international guests, the Nobel Prize in Literature 2021, Abdulrazak Gurnahwho will go around in conversation with Juan Gabriel Vasquez the relationship between his work and the history of pre-colonial Africa.

There will also be themes related to current conversations on social issues such as race, class, feminism or gender, with lBritish Bernardine Evaristothe first black woman to win the prestigious Booker Prize, thanks to her novel ‘Girl, Woman’.

And with her, will be too British narrator Rachel Cuskwho will reflect on his work, which oscillates between fiction and essays, including the ‘A contraluz’ trilogy, which has been read and commented on in a multitude of countries.

Jean Baptiste del Amo, one of the French writers With greater projection, he will talk about his latest novel, ‘El hijo del hombre’, in which he investigates the transmission of violence and trauma between generations.

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He will also talk about his autobiographical narrative British novelist, playwright and poet Deborah Levy. And along the same lines, the award-winning Italian writer Giovanna Giordano will present his novel ‘A magical flight’, inspired by the true story of his grandfather.

A regular participant of the Festival, the Cuban Leonardo Padura, will present ‘Decent People’, the tenth novel by his well-known character, detective Mario Conde.

In the same genre, the Spanish Dolores Redondo will talk about ‘Waiting for the flood’, her new novel inspired by the story of the serial killer John Biblia, who terrorized Glasgow in the 60s.

Making visible the realities of Latin America, the talks in which Lydia Cacho, Brenda Navarro and Yasnaya Elena Aguilar (Mexico), Alia Trabucco (Chile), Olga Montero Rose (Peru) and Mariana Travacio (Argentina) will participate stand out.

On filial relationships, the Iranian writer Parinoush Saniee will present her latest novel, ‘Those who leave and those who stay’, a text that reflects the emotional separation that is imposed between the members of a family divided by migration.

For his part, the Spanish Miguel Brieva will discuss the versatility of the graphic novel and its potential to address universal themes such as hyper-consumption or the capitalist system.

The Welsh poet Hanan Issa is selected for the Wales Fellowship 2022 -23, which will allow her to participate in all the Hay Festivals around the world.

the national quota will have the presence of both authors with extensive experience and Laura Restrepo, Ricardo Silva, Carolina Sanín, Juan Esteban Constaín, Andrés Felipe Solano, Paula Marcela Moreno or Margarita García Robayoas of new pens like Daniela Sánchez Russo and Teresita Goyeneche, to mention a few.

environment and science

In this edition of the Festival, several topics related to the challenges we face as a species stand out; one of them is what concerns food safety.

They will be part of the programming,Dan Saladino, British journalist who, for 25 years, has traveled the world documenting and reporting on foods at risk of disappearing, and who will speak about his book ‘Eating to Extinction’and the Argentine researcher Juan José Borrell who will present a geopolitical vision of food together with Moises Wasserman.

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On the need to develop awareness about the care of our planet and the importance of ecofeminismto talk to the Spanish Yayo Herrero; about the connection between utopia and gardening, the philosopher Santiago Beruete, and about the impact of microplastics in the seas, the oceanographer Cristina Romera.

In the field of physics, the Frenchman Serge Haroche, Nobel Prize 2012 He will talk about how the role of light in understanding the universe has changed and continues to change.

Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001.


As in each edition, the Festival addresses conversations through which the issues that most afflict us and challenge us as a global society are explored, through important thinkers. youThis is the case of Richard Firth-Godbehere who will analyze the role of human emotions in universal history and culture.

Likewise, two Colombian thinkers, Catalina Cortés Severino and Laura Quintana, an anthropologist and a philosopher, will reflect on human affections and experiences.

Maria Ressa, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist for his denunciation of the corruption and brutality of the Duterte regime in his native country, the Philippines, he will be presenting his latest work How to Fight a Dictator.

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Oded Galor, Professor at the American Brown University and creator of the Unified Growth Theory, offers us in ‘The journey of humanity’, ‘The big bang of civilizations: the mystery of growth and inequality’ an innovative perspective to rethink the understanding of our history, facing the future with a more hopeful look that must go through education, tolerance and gender equality.

In this series, conversations on how to guarantee quality education will also be addressed, with the Mexican researcher Elisa Guerra and, again, Moisés Wasserman; or how to solve the problems of world poverty, with the American Jacqueline Novogratz and her Manifesto for a moral revolution.

The news of the recent war in Ukraine, the crisis of the European Union, the rise of far-right nationalist parties; the climate emergency in the countries of Latin America; or inequality, among other topics, will be covered by intellectuals of the stature of the Bulgarian political scientist Iván Krastev, the former president of the IDB, Luis Alberto Moreno, the Peruvian analyst Farid Kahhat oel Nobel Prize in Economics Joseph Stiglitz.

We will talk about the war in Ukraine, within our Hay Festival Lviv BookForum series that we will be carrying out in different Hay festivals around the world; with the participation of Oleksandra Matviichuk, lawyer and activist at the Center for Civil Liberties, laureate of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize; the artist and writer Victoria Amelina and the writer, novelist and essayist Andrei Kurkov, who will narrate in first person the terrible impact of the conflict.


Journalists with extensive experience from around the world will accompany this edition of the Festival, to share details about their investigations. So, for example, the Spanish Esther Paniagua, specializing in science and technology issues, she will talk about what would happen if we were left without the Internet one day; British journalist Carole CadwalladrFor his part, he will recount the behind the scenes of his investigation that uncovered the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016.

On the other hand, the journalist, writer and political commentator Moisés Naím (Venezuela) will present his most recent book, Revenge of the Powerful: How Autocrats Are Reinventing Politics in the 21st Century.

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Óscar Martínez (El Salvador), Emma Graham Harrison (United Kingdom), Jon Lee Anderson (United States), Ronna Rísquez (Venezuela), Bruno Paes Manso (Brazil) and Patricia Nieto (Colombia) will talk in different settings about the importance of journalism to build the future and to make visible the most important democratic and human crises in the region.

Also, in the exploration of new formats, the Festival will have several conversations where the best podcasts in Spanish, Deforme Semanal Ideal Total, Radio Ambulante and El Hilo, among others, will be protagonists.

Juanes, image of the artist at the launch of ‘Amores prohibidos’.


Music will have a wide participation on this occasion. The paisa Juan Esteban Aristizábal, Juanes, will accompany us in Cartagena to talk to us about his book of memories. There will also be the singer, musician, composer and visual artist Andrea Echeverri, who will present her interdisciplinary show, half talk, half concert, Ruiseñora.

The Festival will also have an important representation of music from the Pacific coast, headed by The Pacific Powera collective creation laboratory that seeks to promote the different cultural manifestations of the region, and who will offer a concert to dance and enjoy.

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Likewise, the conversation-tribute to the music of the Pacific, between the writer Daniel Samper Pizano and the musician Hugo Candelario González, which will be followed by a traditional marimba concert with the Bahía Trio.

From cinema we will have the award-winning director Laura Mora who has recently released ‘The Kings of the World’winner of the Golden Shell for best film in the last edition of the San Sebastián Film Festival 2022, where it also received the Signis award and the Feroz award given by the press, has also received the best film award at the festival in Biarritz and at the Zurich festival

Finally, as every year, we bring a curatorship of events and workshops to reach both the youngest audience and different communities in Cartagena, with the There is a Community Festival and Hay Joven.

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Reveal the poster of guests at the Hay Festival Colombia 2023