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The attitudes, gestures and postures before certain facts and the language that we use are the portrait of our personality, of our ethical values ​​and of the education that we receive at home and outside of it. The use of insult as a way to disagree and the tendency to try to humiliate those who think differently reveal a distortion of our temperament that requires urgent attention from the psychiatrist. It is the first thing that occurs to us when reading the comment of the Portuguese coach Renato Paiva when referring to a request from the Club Sport Emelec to hire foreign experts to operate the technological system called VAR in the definition matches between the Guayaquil team and the Quiteño Independiente del Valle, directed by Paiva.

The request is perfectly lawful because it is contemplated in the rules that govern the national championship and because of the justified distrust that arbitration errors have caused in almost all teams, some of them justifiable due to the human condition of those who direct on the field of play and they must decide in fractions of a second. What cannot be justified are the errors in clear situations, seen by everyone, less by the referees and linesmen, and much less by those who handle the VAR, which is a technological resource to correct arbitration mistakes.. Unless one is blinded by hatred, or gratuitous animosity, it is impossible to deny that the club hardest hit by wrong failures in the second stage is Emelec. The generalized perception – not only among electric fans – is oriented towards the unverifiable conspiracy theory to prevent the porteños from reaching the title directly.

Emelec’s request – adjusted to the regulations – provoked the ire of Paiva, who has considered it “disgusting”, a supposedly offensive qualifier towards a respectable entity whose clean history in national sport is unknown to the Portuguese. Is his outburst of his own harvest or is it the result of the climate intolerant towards the Guayaquil sport that is breathed around him? Does he think it or did they send him to say it?

Paiva: Asking for foreign arbitrators is a disgusting contempt for Ecuadorian arbitration

My reasonable doubt arises because Paiva is born in a country with a high level of culture, with a historical tradition of intellectuality and respect for moral values, as revealed by the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos, which my father claimed to have heard from my great-grandfather, José Souza Vasconcellos, born in Braga, Portugal, and arrived in Guayaquil in 1888 to found our family.

The Rooster of Barcelos is a national symbol of Portugal, representing honesty, trust, integrity and honor. The legend tells the story of a Galician pilgrim who left Barcelos (a Portuguese city in the Braga district) on the way to Santiago de Compostela, and who was accused of having stolen money from a landowner, for which he was sentenced to hang. As a last will, he asked to be brought before the judge, who was eating a roast rooster. The pilgrim told him that, as proof of his innocence, the rooster would get up and start crowing. The judge ignored the man’s words. However, at the precise moment when the prisoner was about to be hanged, the rooster got up and crowed. The judge, having realized his mistake, ran to the gallows and discovered that the Galician had been saved thanks to a badly tied knot.

Neme: Renato Paiva plays the role of the brave spoiled, who insults those who dare to have a different opinion; surely your vision of Ecuador is fed by Mr. Michel Deller

Does Paiva have the moral superiority to use his disparaging language and offend not only Emelec, but also the Guayaquil sport? Could it be that by coming from Europe he believes he has supremacy over those of us born in Ecuador, which he presumes is a territory of conquest? His attitude differs from that of another European with a different way of thinking and acting who arrived in 1988 as a true teacher and changed all of our football: the much respected and beloved Dussan Draskovic. Paiva came with a modest resume. It is not Draskovic. In his country he only managed in first class during a short and forced interim at Benfica, in which he worked in minor divisions.

Has Paiva had any higher education that has made him understand that the coach is a technical and moral teacher? The coach, in addition to the basic functions of preparing the athlete for competitions in terms of technique and tactics, is responsible for preparing an athlete with strong ethical values, which in turn allow him to face not only any sporting activity with dignity and integrity, but also to prepare him for life in a general way. The first quality that a sports teacher must fulfill is to be an example of conduct in life to fulfill the function entrusted to him by society.

Emelec will request foreign referees for the VAR in the LigaPro final

The overwhelmed and intemperate reaction of Paiva, the almost anonymous technician, causes great damage to his team and is a terrible example for the young people who are active in the successful club in the capital. Portuguese is a nefarious representative of the culture of an intellectually rich country in great values: Luis de Camoes, Eça de Queiros, Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago, Nobel Prize for Literature.

The DT of the aspiring champion does not have the height to offend Emelec, an entity that is proud of Guayaquil, even if he does it to show himself pleasant with those who give him work, or act as a loudspeaker for some serial hater. Offending is, according to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language: ‘To humiliate or hurt someone’s self-esteem or dignity, or to put it into evidence with words or deeds’. Emelec and the sport of Guayaquil are very high and they are not reached by the verbal spitting of the “technician”. There are things that those around him will not tell him. Emelec is going to be 93 years old. The national sport was enriched by its great stars. With his own resources he built his stadium and organized international seasons. He was the promoter of Ecuadorian professionalism in 1950. He exhibits 21 titles between the Fedeguayas, Asoguayas and national tournaments. Today it has one of the most elegant stadiums in America and continues to be one of the most competitive teams in our football.

Paiva: They said that Independiente would fall, but we have responded

What saddens me is that current Buenos Aires journalism (with the exception of Mario Canessa) has not come out to criticize Paiva’s insults. Few of us maintain a critical stance and do not aspire to receive “logistical favors”, as Luchito called the purchase of consciences with trips and contracts. The lights of Dubai twinkle in greedy eyes.

Few of us respect the heritage we receive from César Plaza Ledesma, Rafael Guerrero Valenzuela, Voltaire Paladines Polo, Manuel Palacios Offner, Miguel Roque Salcedo and other greats of journalism. Learn, Renato Paiva, something that you were not taught: he who insults, insults himself. (OR)

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Ricardo Vasconcellos Rosado: Renato Paiva’s verbal spitting does not reach Emelec | Columnists | sports