[Samsung AI Forum 2021] Day 2: using AI to improve people’s lives

A number of world-renowned academics and researchers from Samsung Electronics came together to share their thoughts on the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Samsung AI Forum. Now in its fifth year, Samsung AI Forum is a platform that brings together leading experts to exchange the latest technology trends and research results. The two-day event, held on November 1 and 2, allowed participants to discuss the applications of AI that will contribute in a practical way to people’s daily lives.

On the second day of the event, organized by Samsung Research, the company’s advanced R&D center leading the development of future technologies for Samsung Electronics’ Consumer Electronics division and IT & Mobile Communications division, facilitated the discussion on how industry experts and academics can advance the research of AI technologies that directly impact and improve the lives of all people. The event was broadcast live on the Samsung Electronics YouTube channel, offering researchers and students in the field of AI from around the world the opportunity to interact with world-renowned academics through live panel discussions.

AI Forum Day 2: Exploring “AI” in a Human World

Dr. Sebastian Seung, President and Director of Samsung Research, began his keynote address by highlighting that “artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all areas of R&D at Samsung Research. AI technology used to be impossible, but now it is becoming a reality and improving people’s lives“.

During his speech, in which he introduced Samsung Research’s various areas of AI research, Dr. Seung explained how AI technology in devices is enabling device cameras to smartphones offer users new ways to express their creativity and manage other devices, such as televisions and air conditioners. It also provided insights into other applications of AI technology, such as the ability for robotic vacuums to automatically create three-dimensional indoor maps, detect obstacles and clean a space based on that data.

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Dr. Seung concluded his speech by describing his excitement to see what the Samsung researchers would present and inviting participants to follow the Samsung Research Twitter account to find out more about the innovative research carried out by the R&D center.

Seung’s speech was followed by presentations from world-renowned AI experts who are leading research in their respective fields.

First, Professor Leslie Valiant of Harvard University, recipient of the 2010 Turing Prize often referred to as the Nobel Prize in Informatics gave the main conference of the day, entitled “How to Augment Supervised Learning with Reasoning “ . Using robust logic as an example, Professor Valiant stressed that the combination of supervised learning and reasoning should be a key point for the next generation of machine learning technology.

Professor Valiant’s presentation was followed by Professor Felix Heide of Princeton University. Professor Heide’s presentation, entitled “The Differentiable Camera“, Discussed camera technology that uses deep learning to improve image quality.

Following this, Google Brain researcher Been Kim gave a presentation titled “Interpretability for Skeptical Minds“, In which he shared the latest advances in interpretable machine learning and proposed the directions this cutting-edge technology should take.

The last session of the day was led by Professor Max Welling, Research Professor in Machine Learning at the University of Amsterdam and Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research. During his presentation, called “Understanding Matter With Deep LearningProfessor Welling shared why he is so excited about the scientific breakthroughs that will come from using deep learning in molecular simulation.

Other highlights of the second day were a session of Lightning Talks, in which engineers from the Samsung Research Global Center for Artificial Intelligence presented some of their latest research, and a live panel discussion moderated by Dr. Daniel Lee, Executive Vice President and Director of the Global Center for Artificial Intelligence at Samsung Research.

If you missed it, you can watch the full replay of the second day of the Samsung AI Forum 2021 in the Samsung Electronics YouTube channel.

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[Samsung AI Forum 2021] Day 2: using AI to improve people’s lives