´San Ramón, put a cap on it!´

DE”How holy Sebas must be, when he doesn’t even have panties!”. The saying serves to express skepticism, and alludes to San Sebastián, naked to receive the arrows of his tormentors, with no other cover than that of a light veil that covers his private parts. “Throw copal to the saint, even if his beards swear!” He declares that those who undertake an action must apply themselves fully to carry it out. “Be careful, holy men, for the Christ is moth-eaten.” It is the counterpart of the previous one. He advises prudence in order not to be hasty. The Mexican proverb is prodigal in religious references. Of course, these sayings are no longer used, and are just a curiosity of memory. There is an ejaculation, however, that people continue to use to ask that their lips be sealed at the risk of saying something nonsense. That phrase is: “San Ramón, put a stopper on me!”. The saint to whom the unusual miracle of silence is requested is San Ramón Nonato. He is called that because he was not born naturally, but by caesarean section. His best known attribute is the padlock with which the Moors closed his mouth so that he no longer preached. For this reason, for such a padlock, those who want or must remain silent implore San Ramón. López Obrador should be entrusted to him before beginning his morning appearance each day, so that the saint would seal his lips before saying any nonsense or nonsense. The most recent -not the last of course- was the one he said when he became a literary critic and declared that Vargas Llosa’s novels are boring, and that reading him serves as an effective hypnotic or papaveraceous to fall asleep. Such a statement by AMLO makes us laugh, and surely it has already been the cause of mocking comments in many places. The Tabasco native has little or no ability to give an opinion on literary matters, since he has few of them, as can be seen in his very poor way of expressing himself. There are those who say that he has written more books than he has read. It is very likely that this is the case. Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize for Literature, is an extraordinary novelist. Saying that is obvious. His works are among the best of contemporary Ibero-American literature. If López is looking for an example of boredom, he will be able to find it in his daily morning rants, said slowly that he tires and with deficiencies in expression that saddens him. Once again AMLO exposes the presidential inauguration to the ridicule of civilized nations, and in this way causes damage to Mexico, as it embarrasses it before foreign observers. He raised at this point a request to the pious man who in Spain wore the beneficent habit of the Mercedarians and I ask him with deep devotion. “San Ramón, put a cap on it!”. Mrs. Claus received Santa with a sour gesture and said exasperated: “And don’t tell me again that you’re here at this time because you were handing out toys to the children!” Rudolph the Reindeer was received with equal acrimony the Red Nose, for his enraged consort. She asked him like a basilisk: “Now where did you put your nose, idiot?”… A lady commented: “-My husband is an anthropologist: he knows all the clubs in the city.” .. Rosibel tells Susiflor: “-I went to a stripper dance. Things were very hectic”… In a ranch in Texas, an undocumented Mexican says to another: “I wonder where my mom will pee.” The other answers: “I suppose in the bathroom, like everyone else.” “-No, let me! -the other is outraged-. I wonder where my mom thinks I am.” THE END


by AFA

´…Christmas more

face in 21 years…´

I do not want to be imprudent,

no less pessimistic,

but I must be realistic:

wait for the next one.

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´San Ramón, put a cap on it!´