Santa Marta presents a proposal to host the 2025 Junior Pan American Games

SANTA MARTA, COLOMBIA (July 27, 2022) — With its beautiful beaches, the warmth of its people and temperatures above 29°C, Santa Marta received the Panam Sports delegation led by President Neven Ilic.

The governor of Magdalena, Carlos Caicedo, and the mayor of Santa Marta, Virna Johnson, invited Panam Sports to a three-day visit that included tours of sports venues that were built mainly for the 2017 Bolivarian Games, as well as important meetings to learn about what this city has to offer for the Olympic Games. Americas Movement.

“In 2025 our city will be 500 years old, so there is no better opportunity to celebrate this special occasion for all of us and for all of Colombia with the entire continent. We are waiting for you here, we are going to receive you with great kindness and make you feel at home as we have done in other events”, said the governor of Magdalena, Carlos Caicedo.

Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America and the capital of the state of Magdalena, which currently has 500,000 inhabitants.

It is recognized for being a very attractive tourist destination for its beautiful beaches and its rich culture and traditions. It is the birthplace of the only winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in Colombia, Gabriel García Márquez, as well as sports legends such as Carlos “el Pibe” Valderrama, Radamel Falcao and Carlos Vives.

“We are very excited that the Panam Sports delegation is in our city and gets to know our strengths, our venues and our people. We are preparing and are very optimistic about hosting the Junior Pan American Games in 2025,” said Santa Marta Mayor Virna Johnson.

It was the first visit of the president of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, to Santa Marta. He left with a great impression of both the city and its people, as well as its great sports infrastructure. In addition, he recognized the idea of ​​the Governor of Magdalena who said that Santa Marta could not only host the Youth Games but also co-host the Pan American Games Barranquilla 2027.

“I’m very impressed. The city is very beautiful and its sports infrastructure is very well maintained. Everything meets our standards. There are certain things that are still required, but we hope that (should they be chosen) the few things that are still needed Santa Marta are thinking of using them for the senior Pan American Games to ensure that all the investment made for 2025 would also serve the Games. of 2027. That is the philosophy to have. It seems to me very responsible in economic terms that a country makes an investment in the middle of its path to another great event such as the 2027 Pan American Games in Barranquilla,” said Neven Ilic.

Santa Marta has already made its application official to host the 2025 Junior Pan American Games. Lima, Peru and Asunción, Paraguay are two other cities that have shown interest in this first stage. The competition to host the second edition of the most important youth sporting event on the continent is already underway.

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Santa Marta presents a proposal to host the 2025 Junior Pan American Games