Sebastián Llosa is a trend on platforms and social networks with “Someone else”

Peruvian singer and songwriter Sebastián Llosa managed to position himself on YouTube with more than half a million views of his latest video “Someone More” in just ten days.

Sebastián comments that he worked on this new single with producers Carlos Molina and Agustín Mas, who teamed up to develop new rhythms that give a different twist to the songs he performed years ago.

“This song ‘Someone More’ is a good presentation of the type of sound that I am going to bring now and of the songs that I will release in the short and medium term,” says the 29-year-old singer, after thanking the national and international reception of his production musical.

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But that’s not all, Llosa’s latest song also conquered Spotify, where it has almost a million views and is included in various national and international playlists. Also on Tik Tok they have viralized the song, turning it into a music trend.

Watch the video here

“The lyrics of this song talk about not being able to forget someone, and suddenly finding yourself looking for qualities of that person in someone new. That’s why the lyrics say: I’m going to have to find what I want with you, but with someone else”, details the Peruvian.

On the other hand, Sebastián explains that the success of this song has taken him by surprise, because despite having conviction in his projects, he did not imagine that the response “would be so immediate, authentic and organic”, since he has not done any type of promotion or dissemination.

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“I am very grateful for the welcome; Now I dream of starting to tour both in Peru and in the rest of Latin America. The success of this song is a first step towards achieving it”, adds Llosa enthusiastically.

On the other hand, he announced that he will continue writing songs and will work to maintain that connection he currently has with his followers and the public that has been generated with “Someone else”.

Who is Sebastian Llosa?

Sebastián is the son of renowned filmmaker Luis Llosa and singer Roxana Valdivieso. He studied Economics at the prestigious Yale University in the United States, however, he realized that he could not run away from the family plan: to be the third Llosa generation dedicated to the artistic world.

His beginnings in music came after accompanying his mother at her concerts, where he learned everything about that world, from rehearsals, backstage and listening to the classic rock of that time.

“Watching my mother rehearse since I was a child, paying attention to her voice, despite my age, I told her: look at that note, it’s out of tune, you forgot that letter. We were annoying, my brother and I, saying those things to him,” recalls the singer-songwriter.

At the age of 10, Sebastián started playing guitar, but at 21, already a college graduate, he began to write songs, through his own experience and inspiration.

Sebastián Llosa is also the nephew of Mario Vargas Llosa, our Nobel Prize winner for literature and a member of the Royal Spanish Academy. So his talent is innate and also comes from his family.

You can also listen to Sebastian on Spotify

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Posted: 5/26/2022

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Sebastián Llosa is a trend on platforms and social networks with “Someone else”