Seminar will bring together experts in Climate Change, Tourism, Water and Energy Efficiency – Diario de Valdivia

With the purpose of collectively reflecting on the variables that determine the development of public policies, science and innovation, as well as various sectors of the market and industry; Nueva Diplomacia Magazine will hold the fourth transversal seminar to address climate change and the management of natural resources such as water and energy, in a sustainable Chile. The Seminar “Climate Change, Tourism, Water and Energy Efficiency” will be held in a hybrid format on Thursday, December 15, between 8:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., in the Sala Vitacura Auditorium (Av. Bicentenario 3800, Vitacura).

Cristián Szott, director of Revista Nueva Diplomacia, pointed out: “With this meeting, in Santiago and the Metropolitan Region we seek to analyze and reflect on the effects of Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and the effect it is producing in society. We trust that the adaptation and mitigation measures to face this crisis can transform us into more competitive players”.

The Seminar will bring together citizens with experts in Climate Change, mitigation and adaptation to Global Change, and specialists in water, tourism, recovery of urban and industrial waste, energy efficiency, around the circular economy. The appointment convenes the discussion on sustainable development programs and climate change action plans in the world, hand in hand with the scientific community.

Among the presentations in this new seminar are: Climate changeby Jorge Carrasco Cerda, Meteorologist, IPCC Researcher, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, GAIA ANTARTICA Center, University of Magallanes, and Gino Casassa Rogasinki, Glaciologist, IPCC Researcher, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize; Energy efficiencywith Jorge Molina Beltrán, Mining Engineer, United Nations Plenipotentiary in the Minamata Agreement, Energy Valorization Expert; Sustainable tourismMauricio Purto, Mountaineer Andinista, New Agriculture and Super Foods Fernando Santibáñez Quezada, Agricultural Engineer, academic University of Chile; among others.

At the end, the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding will take place among the attendees, to commit wills and adopt measures that face the effects of global change. The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding will allow people to join the actions at the user level, individually and collectively, adopted by the institutions in the local plan to combat Climate Change and reduce the impact.

The activity will also include a Foster Panel Forum with invited opinion leaders; authorities, businessmen, scientists, politicians, and neighbors, to discuss the immediate consequences of the climate phenomenon and how to deal with it. The instance will include various presentations and scientific specialties consisting of master lectures on the generation and efficient use of energy, basins and drought in the responsible use of water, the impact of climate change and its adaptation and mitigation measures.

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Free access. Certificates will be delivered to those who request it.

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Seminar will bring together experts in Climate Change, Tourism, Water and Energy Efficiency – Diario de Valdivia