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Pedro Luis Barco DíazPedro Luis Barco Díaz

“Sergio Fajardo does not shine for his knowledge in economic matters. It seems that he did not like macroeconomic issues, which are essential for a national ruler. For this reason, Fajardo is not seen as a statesman “.

In 1972, the famous journalist Italian Oriana Fallaci he interviewed US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, in his heyday. His fame was such that he won the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, despite the fact that he was a confirmed war maker and a determined supporter of bloody dictatorial regimes in South America.

According to the journalist, in the United States there was a joke that showed her power: “Imagine what would happen if Kissinger died: Richard Nixon would become President of the United States”. Well, to Oriana’s question about what was the main quality that a head of state should have, Kissinger replied: “Intelligence is useless to be head of state. What counts in a head of state is strength. Courage, cunning and strength “.

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It is a perfect response from a war maker from a warlike country and arms dealer like the United States. There they require a man whose pulse does not tremble to declare an invasion or an international war, backed by its huge war capital.

In America and elsewhere they idolize strong rulers who inspire respect or fear. Here in Colombia we had Uribe, who bet everything to win an immemorial internal war and showed the strength of which Kissinger spoke. Although the war did not end.

Just as Uribe was a president with the strength and tenacity necessary to wage war, what Colombia really needs is a president with equal determination and strength to consolidate or complete peace. And also have enormous personal courage to reduce the infamous inequality and inequity that exists.

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That you have clear ideas and that you transmit them with serenity, conviction, and determination. Not only say what you are going to do, but clarify how, when and with how much you are going to do it. Because in these elections the winds cry out for a substantial change in the face of the terrible Duque government and Uribe’s leadership.

Although there are other options, we basically have three: that of a continuity represented by the Experience Coalition, that of a moderate or lukewarm change represented by the Hope Center Collation and that of a substantial change represented in the Historical Pact.

In bones and carnitas it could be expressed as a contest that will very surely end between Federico Gutiérrez, Sergio Fajardo (Gaviria was a bitter disappointment) and Gustavo Petro, of course, if Vargas Lleras is not launched. Or better, between Petro and the other candidate who goes to the second round.

Sergio Fajardo
Sergio Fajardo

The trouble is that Fajardo does not speak clearly enough, and I have doubts that he has the internal strength to acclimatize peace and overcome inequities, despite the fact that he is a mature, seasoned, although somewhat battered, aspirant due to his problems with the Comptroller’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office, of which it will surely come out ahead.

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The fact is that his ideological bet is not known. He has no doctrinal preferences, neither politically nor economically. Sergio Fajardo is an eternal anti-political adolescent, with very respectable values ​​and principles, with a good academic career and notable success in his local and regional administrative experience. Furthermore, it has not been contaminated by clientelist practices.

Discounting the Hidroituango case, which fortunately is emerging, is imputed for loans in dollars when he was governor of Antioquia, despite the fact that there is no rule in the legal system that prohibits the acquisition of debt in dollars. In any case, it does have political responsibility for having materialized an unfortunate transaction in which the government ended up paying more than expected.

It is that Fajardo does not shine for his knowledge in economic matters. It seems that he did not like macroeconomic issues, which are essential for a national ruler. For this reason, Sergio Fajardo is not seen as a statesman. He is a good regional leader, a manager who manages resources.

He is a lazy man for denunciation in a country where the government itself has committed reprehensible crimes. Although I know that he will always reject the monstrous collusion of politics and drug trafficking, he will not do it in a confrontational and courageous way as Galán did last century or as Petro does in the present.

The only thing that we are clear about is that if Sergio Fajardo does not go to the second round, which is very likely, he will vote blank again and he will see whales again. Hopefully this time he is lucky and can see them, because four years ago they were hidden from him.

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Sergio Fajardo, the eternal anti-political adolescent | Opinion