Serrat is already in Argentina and gave a big press conference: ‘I would give a Nobel Prize to Silvio, Chico and Joaquín’

The beloved Catalan singer-songwriter will give five recitals in Buenos Aires for his farewell tour. He today he chatted with the press at the Astros Theater.

Joan Manuel Serrat It’s like yoga for the brain. He makes his way by walking and here he is reaching the Press conference as if he himself were an incarnation of the famous praise of slowness.

He looks less bowed down than tired. 78 years old and about to present part of his farewell tour call the vice of singing. Vice is a fixed expense, an impediment, a tenacity about the lack of will. In your case it may be. “I stop doing what I enjoy the most: playing on stage,” he said, filling the room of the Astros theater, where the meeting with journalists took place.

Just a while ago, after the protocol and the smiles, a journalism that deals with “Nano” and the applause for the illustrious visitor who is received as one of those uncles who lives abroad and visits us from time to time. His case is not like that of Chris Martin: no one asks him if he tried the dulce de leche or if he walked Caminito.

Joan Manuel Serrat on stage at the Astros Theater, in front of the journalists. Photo: AFP

Bah, he shouldn’t, but he was still asked about a good barbecue, about football and stuff and Serrat kind of stopped the journalist dead in her tracks. “That’s rhetorical. My relationship with Argentina goes much further“.

At one point he was asked about the Nobel Prize in Literature that Dylan won. “If I would like to win that award. No, but I would give it to three artists. Chico (Buarque), because I find it moving. Silvio (Rodríguez) for the intelligence of his songs and Joaquín Sabina because I know he would like it” , answered.

A mineral water and a microphone were waiting for him on the stage table. Serrat appears with a gray jacket and jeans up to the navel. If Sabina had been there, instead of water there would have been at least a can of beer. Or two. Despite taking about five years, at an age in which that difference is irrelevant, the balance is that Sabina rejuvenated Joan Manuel.

Outside the theater there are loudspeakers and a giant screen, but the gloomy craziness of the city drives people past it. Nobody, not a single guy who notices the presence of such a figure.

The recitals promise a tour: 1965-2022, a highway through history and songs in a single night that promises to be eternal or unforgettable. There will be several functions in the Movistar Arena: November 19, 20, 25, 26 and 29.

That is to say, from now on, according to the calculations of the announcement, Serrat will be able to continue coming to the country, but only as a tourist.

America, the continent where half of the concerts on the tour have been taking place, will be the protagonist of this farewell, which will then end on December 23 at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

The scene kicked off at the end of April at the Beacon Theater in New York and the schedule includes stops in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina.

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Serrat is already in Argentina and gave a big press conference: ‘I would give a Nobel Prize to Silvio, Chico and Joaquín’