Sheyla Rojas captures Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Presley in the bullring in Spain

Sheyla Rojas recorded Mario Vargas Llosa and his girlfriend Isabel Presley in the bullring. Photos: composition

Sheyla Rojas went to visit his son in Spain, but he did not miss the opportunity to record Mario Vargas Llosa with his girlfriend Elizabeth Presley in the bullring, where the former driver was with Antonio Pavon, his little Antoñito and his family.

They went to see the Peruvian bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey, but they did not imagine meeting the Nobel Prize winner on the first day of the bullfighting festival in Estepona, a tourist town in Costa del Sol, Málaga. sheila He did not hesitate to capture and record the couple of the Spanish socialite with his mobile and thus rule out rumors of a separation between the Peruvian writer and the singer’s mother. Enrique Iglesias.

As is known, several weeks ago, there was a rumor that they were estranged, since the writer had left the house he shared with Presley and went to another apartment; However, the distance would not have lasted long, because they already look together at various social events.

The ‘Crazy Lioness’ has been in Malaga, Spain for two weeks, enjoying her son’s vacation in Europe. As you can see on her social networks, she does not stop enjoying days at the beach and walks with the Galán family.

In addition, he has a very good relationship with Antonio Pavon and all his Spanish family. This was no stranger to Magaly Medina, who congratulated them on their program on the night of July 11.

the driver of Magaly TV: The Firm, commented that he loves and congratulates the relationship he maintains Sheyla Rojas and the bullfighter, since now her son is growing up in a stable and peaceful environment.

“This child now shares with his father and mother, seeing them share in a cordial way, they do not know how good they are for the children. That should be understood by so many stubborn and stubborn parents. You have to be very rude not to realize the damage that is done to children, to have so much resentment, anger and hatred in the heart when they can put aside their spite and personal frustrations and do something for a child “, expressed Medina Vela.

In addition, the journalist said that the former host of ‘You are in All’ will accompany her boyfriend Luis Miguel Galaraza this week, better known as ‘Sir. Winston‘ to Budapest, Hungary, where the Formula 1 race will take place. The construction businessman will pick her up in Madrid to go to Hungary.

After that, Sheyla will go to Mexico with her little one to spend some time with her mother and Antoñito’s maternal family. The affection that Mr. Winston has for the minor would be so much that the little one already has a special room on the first floor in the house of the Mexican businessman.

Sheyla Rojas captured Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Presley in Spain. Video: ATV/Magaly Tv: La Firme.

Sheyla Rojas and her boyfriend Luis Miguel Galarza Muro started fertility treatment to become parents. The blonde gave a live link to América Hoy, where she did not hesitate to tell the details of her first appointment with her doctor, which took place in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Antonio Pavón’s ex-partner announced that both she and her boyfriend are in good health and fit to become parents, and that what the doctor recommended is to take some medications to strengthen their system much more.

“My boyfriend and I want to be parents, you know that I had my son and I went through many problems during my pregnancy, so I told myself that from day zero I will have a GP who will help me with absolutely the entire process.”, said the young woman quite excited.

Likewise, he pointed out that he will not have an in vitro pregnancy on the recommendation of the specialist doctor. However, the doctor will prepare her so that she can choose the sex of her baby. Although it was not carried out, Sheyla remarked that the only thing that matters to her is that her baby arrives healthy in her arms.

Sheyla Rojas wants to be the mother of a girl with her current partner Sir Winston. (Photo: Instagram)
Sheyla Rojas wants to be the mother of a girl with her current partner Sir Winston. (Photo: Instagram)


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Sheyla Rojas captures Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Presley in the bullring in Spain