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De Loredo criticized the government for supporting the Ortega dictatorship

The participation of the Argentine government in the act of resumption of the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, continues to reap repudiation in Argentine politics. Yesterday, the one who said his thing was the national deputy for Radical Evolution, Rodrigo de Loredo. A leader of Cordovan radicalism told the journalist:

radical leader: You know that the Peronist government not only makes the folly of participating in the celebrations of a dictator who imprisoned his opponents, but also shared the event with one of those accused of the terrorist attack on the AMIA.

Journalist: Peronism does nothing but show its political alignment. Regrettably.

DR: It’s a disaster. In this regard, deputy Rodrigo de Loredo added his voice to those of others who reject the government’s alliance with the dictator Ortega.

Q.: What did you express?

DR: De Loredo said that “Ambassador Daniel Capitanich is not only an accomplice in an authoritarian project, but he did not bother to find out who he shared the act with. Kirchnerist diplomacy, by action or omission, is a piece of paper that is expensive for the country.”

No environmental crack

Due to the high temperatures, an alert is in force in the province of Córdoba due to the extreme risk of forest fires.

Informant: The former national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Gabriela Estévez, called for the end of the crack.

Journalist: We were talking about the heat wave and the fires…

I.: Yes Yes. The head of La Cámpora in Córdoba called for a collective solution to the environmental crisis.

Q: Now I understand.

I.: He asked himself on Twitter: “Did the thermometer ask you if you were a Peronist or a macrista? Forest fires ask you if you’re left or right? Do floods distinguish between progressives and preserves?

P.: And… No.

I.: He asked, then: “Isn’t it time for a broad and honest debate, without cracks or false antinomies?”

Licensed Mayors

The political dater, always attentive to what is published in political matters, rescued a report prepared by the digital newspaper “Córdoba Interior Informa” that accounts for the number of local mayors who requested a license to fulfill another position.

Journalist: You say the mayors who made the “great Gill”?

dater: (Laughs) Something like that. Quite wisely, the site highlights that there are five Cordovan mayors who, halfway through their mandates, requested leave to assume other “major” functions.

Q: Who are they?

D.: Federico Alessandri de Embalse, was sworn in on December 10, 2019 to start a new term, but a few days later he requested leave to occupy the vice presidency of the Córdoba Tourism Agency. Now, in theory, it is in Nation. Another, Rubén Ovelar from La Cumbre, also took office in 2019 and later requested a license to sit in the regional management of PAMI Córdoba. The third is Ignacio García Aresca, who went from the mayor of San Francisco to deputy now. Something similar was done by the radical mayor of General Cabrera, Marcos Carasso, who, without completing his mandate, was sworn in a month ago as a national legislator. The mayor of Noetinger, Ángel Bevilacqua is also on leave because he was summoned to a secretariat of the Ministry of Government.

Q.: No one resigned?

D.: No.

Stiglitz by Fernandez

1641972659 302 Short Castling Bishop DiaryThe national deputy Eduardo Fernández, from the Front of All of Córdoba, highlighted the estimates on Argentina of the Nobel Prize winner for Economics Joseph Stiglitz.

Informant: Deputy Fernández is almost the only leader of the Córdoba FdT who is active on networks.

Bishop: Yes, I have seen it. What do you want, we are in January, everyone on vacation.

Informant: You’re right, but what Joseph Stiglitz said couldn’t be missed. Fernández highlighted that the economist spoke of “the Argentine miracle of Covid” and the economic miracle that Alberto Fernández achieved in the face of the inheritance left by Macri, with the debt that is being renegotiated.

Bishop: Yes, I read about Joseph Stiglitz. Music to the ears of the national ruling party.

Informant: I already think so, especially with the complex scenario that is coming in the extraordinary sessions, if it is convened to discuss the agreement with the IMF.

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