Six years after her arrest, social and political leaders demand the freedom of Milagro Sala

In the text, the signatories expressed “once again our deep concern and our total repudiation of the persecution and harassment that Milagro Sala has been suffering, who this Sunday is serving 6 years in arbitrary and illegal prison.”

“The case of the leader of Tupac Amaru was constituted in the laboratory of what was lawfare in Argentina and that involved a true illicit association promoted with State resources to persecute and imprison political, social and union leaders, as evidenced every day with greater force in our country, with the facts that come to light”, they added.

In this context, they stated that “the criminalization of protest and the imprisonment of political, social and union leaders as a practice during the macrismo was a constant that in the case of Milagro and her companions reveals the malice of their mentors, executors and partners in crime”.

“Milagro’s case is the one with the greatest visibility in Jujuy, a province in which there are still seven other political prisoners from the social organization that has done the most to guarantee the rights of the vulnerable”, they held.

Finally, they warned that the detention of Milagro Sala “must cease as soon as possible” because this situation “seriously harms Democracy.”

The request was signed by Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line, Permanent Assembly for Human Rights, Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights and Relatives of Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Estela De Carlotto, Taty Almeyda and Nora Cortiñas, and the leader of the Frente de Todos caucus, Máximo Kirchner, also did so.

Likewise, the national ministers signed Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, Aníbal Fernández, Daniel Filmus, Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, Jorge Ferraresi, Juan Zabaleta, Jorge Taiana, Jaime Perczyk, Martín Soria, Tristán Bauer and Santiago Cafiero.

From the Government, the Legal and Technical Secretary Vilma Ibarra; and the secretaries of Parliamentary Relations Fernando “Chino” Navarro, and of Human Rights Horacio Pietragalla; and the Treasury attorney, Carlos Zannini.

In addition, the requested governors are Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Alberto Rodríguez Saá (San Luis), Alicia Kirchner (Santa Cru), Ricardo Quintela (La Rioja) and Gustavo Melella (Tierra del Fuego); the lieutenant governor of Santa Fe, Alejandra Rodenas.

Also, the senators of the FdT Oscar Parrilli, María Inés Pilatti Vergara, Juliana Di Tullio, Nora Del Valle Giménez, Silvina García Larraburu, María Teresa González; Alejandra RodenasAlejandra Rodenas, Ana Ianni and María Eugenia Catalfamo.

Others who subscribe are the trade unionists Hugo Yasky, Pablo Moyano and Víctor Santa María; and the national deputies of the FdT Paula Penacca, Victoria Tolosa Paz, Mara Brawer, Leopoldo Moreau, Gisela Marziotta, Vanesa Siley and Eduardo Valdés, among others.

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Six years after her arrest, social and political leaders demand the freedom of Milagro Sala