Strong commitment to Argentina from a global leader in agricultural innovation

In 1913 a chemical engineer from the German company BASF named Carl Bosch perfected the technique for the synthesis of fertilizers that allowed him to start producing ammonia by the ton, a key advance for agriculture and humanity that would earn him a Nobel Prize in chemistry. More than a hundred years later, that company allocates more than 900 million euros -3 million euros per day- to research and development in agriculture, and part of that enormous investment could be observed in a concrete way this week in the Buenos Aires town of Rojas, where the company inaugurated a new Technological Development Center.

The Center, which is dedicated to innovating in seeds, products and technologies for crop protection and digital solutions, joins a global network that only in Latin America adds more than 30 nodes. In Argentina, it is BASF’s fifth innovation center, joining those in Tucumán, Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña in Chaco, Tandil in the province of Buenos Aires and San Jerónimo in the province of Santa Fe. Its installation required an investment of 188 million pesos on a field of 65 hectares, with offices of 1,100 square meters, and a laboratory with the highest standards in biosafety measures for research and development of seeds and phytosanitary products.

BASF inaugurated this Tuesday a new Technological Development Center in Rojas, province of Buenos Aires.

“The opening of this new Center demonstrates BASF’s commitment to Argentina, a strategic country for food production in the world, and consequently for us due to the relevance of its agricultural industry and the capacity for innovation of its producers. We are reinforcing our presence with an investment that will allow us to carry out research and development projects for solutions connected to the needs of the producer, providing local, regional and global knowledge together with the experience of the farmer”, he stated in dialogue with Rural bugle Gustavo Portis, director of the Solutions for Agriculture division of BASF.

The Rojas Center, which has actually been in operation for a year but had not been officially inaugurated due to the pandemic, is the first station of the firm in the world that is already born integrated to connect the solutions to the producer in all the links of its systems production throughout the campaign. “From the beginning, it was conceived and designed so that seeds and phytosanitary products, machinery and digital solutions, research projects and the use of field resources are interconnected. It has the peculiarity that all solutions are researched and developed simultaneously and jointly”, explains Gustavo Portis.

In this way, the company seeks to add value to the producer by identifying combinations of products and services from its portfolio or from third parties, which result in a better solution according to the needs of each environment and farmer.

In the words of Portis, the new incorporation of the company is a pearl in a global necklace that adds and integrates the knowledge of the whole world, and its geographical location also has the advantage that, being in the opposite season with the United States, it allows faster progress in the investigations. “In their winter we work with the crops in the summer here and with that we gain time and experience, years of work,” he explains.

Looking ahead to the coming years, BASF’s local leader affirms that the German company aspires to double the number of products available on the market and that they are also products with a much better toxicological profile and carbon footprint than current products.

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Strong commitment to Argentina from a global leader in agricultural innovation