It was Molière, with Shakespeare, the father of modern theater. He collected from fiction or reality turned fiction, the data of man. His duality of angel or demon, of sublime nobility or brutality and infamy, that in reality is what gives life.

Perhaps the most profiled character was Tartuffe. A symbol of infamy that one unfortunately encounters in life very often.
They take care of their image with imperceptible makeup, their figure without an extra gram of weight, their impeccable dress, without wrinkles, their inspiring gestures of confidence. Ambitious as nobody and false; they have the lie as their first aid and they know theater and they use all the resources, good or bad and without caring about an ideal that in reality they do not have. They exhaust all the scenarios and their own or other people’s resources, to achieve crowning their personal ambitions that only seek to satisfy the immeasurable appetite of their ambitions. Of course they never show gratitude to anyone.

Your destiny is to seize opportunities and go very far. No ethical guidelines or limitations. Perhaps some kind reader has already discovered one of those Tartufos in our midst, flourished in the rarefied environment that Colombia lives and covered in its honeys, posing with a virtue that it never had or will have.

The character in question came from the hand of an altruistic president to a high ministry, in which without inhibition the new Tartuffe says that the good that was done was his doing and the bad of the president. Perhaps they are already discovering it.

That president shook his hand and made him elect as his successor. And not two months went by – perhaps the first day – without his hand twisting the paths of gratitude and becoming an enemy. Already at that time he dreamed of the highest a Colombian can reach, which is the Nobel Prize, which García Márquez had already achieved with incomparable merits.

And he fought without pause and without evading official economic resources, he set up a world racket in favor of a peace that has not existed. He ignored ethical principles and sanctions for violations of humanitarian law and, as General (r) Jorge Enrique Mora notes with great honesty, in the agreements there was a prior and secret agreement from President Santos that led him to ignore the No of a plebiscite and to adopt constitutional reforms without the strict procedures of the Charter, giving everything for the sake of the political act. And to the Nobel that nurtures their satisfactions. Yes, of course, it is about Juan Manuel Santos, in sight.

The latest episode of this one is reprehensible. When that president who shook his hand and nominated him as his successor had to go to a guardianship that would be decided by the Constitutional Court, a shameful act of which we have already spoken, that former president had no problem in calling some magistrates, as declared and recognized by the speaker magistrate Alejandro Linares, whom they defeated, to induce votes against – it was won by one vote – against the constitutional rights of Uribe, their benefactor. It was then that the truth was discovered – now under investigation. But the Creole Tartufo thinks that everything is won with some statements and his face made up and serious. And with Manichean Manés, Uribe is the bad guy.

Well, those characters have always existed. Molière knew them well and thoroughly. And maybe we who know about his adventures.
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