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Dropping out of school is a critical reality in the current context and María Francisca Elgueta (33 years old), the brand new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022 (GTP), knows it well. The History teacher works at the Brittany School in La Granja, Metropolitan Region, where her students are young people who have been excluded from the educational system and who have returned to the classroom to finish their schooling in a 2 × 1 modality.

“This recognition has made me question how I challenge myself the most. Each and every person in the classroom is reflected in this award”, thanked the teacher, to which she added that she will continue working so that her students “feel that they have the world at their fingertips, that there is nothing they cannot achieve, that they can access things that seemed impossible”.

At the award ceremony, Francisca – whose school belongs to the Fundación Súmate del Hogar de Cristo – was happy about the award. The teacher became the seventh featured in the general category of the Global Teacher Prize Chile, an award known as the Nobel for Teaching, which Elige Educar has awarded in the country since 2016, seeking to recognize and highlight the effort and dedication of thousands of teachers of the country’s educational system.

“This award not only allows us to recognize very outstanding professionals, but also to inspire other teachers who are in the classroom, making the testimonials of these finalist and winning teachers serve as an example with their transformative and innovative pedagogical practices. In addition, we seek to inspire people who are thinking about their future today and are considering the teaching profession as a career”, celebrates Joaquín Walker, Executive Director of Elige Educar.

Claudia Uribe, director of the Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean OREALC-UNESCO Santiago, was part of the celebration of this award. “The Global Teacher Prize Chile makes visible the great work, professionalism and dedication of outstanding teachers from all over the country who move and inspire us with their example. These teachers transform the lives of their students and sow the skills that Chile needs to face the challenges of a constantly changing world and society. Unesco recognizes and congratulates them. Thank you teachers!”

Quality education in vulnerable contexts, the engine of Professor Francisca

María Francisca Elgueta has been working at Colegio Brittany for three years, where reintegration into school has been her greatest motivation. But her vocation to contribute with quality education in contexts of high vulnerability comes from much earlier. For years she taught in the network of schools of the Primary Instruction Society and, later, she was coordinator of innovation in the Ignatian Network. She also consulted at the Ministry of Education, where she worked on the development of a new curriculum for Youth and Adult Education.

“The educational spaces that we work on school reinsertion today, have the important task of showing students, each one of them, that they are worth a lot. When they drop out, to a large extent they believe that they are no longer worth it in that space, because they lose their academic self-esteem and because they feel that school is not a place for them, but for other types of people. It is the job of all establishments to let them know that they are important members of the educational community”, reflects Francisca on the school context in which she works.

In this version of the Global Teacher Prize Chile there were more than 2,500 nominations and applications nationwide, among which Francisca’s stood out. Along with the national recognition, the professor will receive a prize of US$10,000, while the other four finalists in this category will receive US$4,000. For its part, the winner of the Music category will be awarded US$8,000 and the other two finalists in this category will receive US$2,500.

Tailor-made education for each student, the key to winning the GTP in Music

Since 2020, Elige Educar incorporated the Music category into the Global Teacher Prize Chile, in order to highlight teachers who managed to generate positive and profound impacts on their students in this subject. This year, the award went to Manuel Puebla (34), a professor at the CREE School in Cerro Navia. Manuel grew up in the same commune, always passionate about music, but without enough resources to take theoretical lessons or learn to play instruments. This led him to learn in a self-taught way, which would mark his way of teaching.

“We all have a life, a story and a different experience, we are unique beings. In a classroom there are 42 different universes and I like to think that we can give students life skills, where music and neuroscience come together in a very beautiful way, generating changes at a general and social level”, says the professor. .

According to Manuel, being awarded the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022 has been a very valuable recognition for him and for the teaching profession in general. “We all need to work motivated, have a light of hope that tells us what we can make changes. As a teacher, sometimes you don’t realize the impact you are generating on students until you receive nominations or awards of this type. I hope that my testimony serves to motivate professionals or students who are infected with the desire to teach and be able to make changes in society, give them an approach to what the teaching role is, giving more recognition to those who are making changes in different places. ”.

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Teacher specialized in school reinsertion is the new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022 – Virtual Educa News