thank you canadian truckers

We have needed a freedom convoy/convoy for freedom to leave the status quo of a single, repetitive speech from the governments of the world: “everything is for our good, vaccines are safe and effective, it is the only way, the good citizen must show solidarity with others, children must save the elderly , those who are not vaccinated are the ones that generate variants, they must be forced, cornered, etc.”

The convoy of thousands of truckers, estimated at more than 50,000, but difficult to quantify exactly as they are dispersed in and around the main cities of Canada, the truckers for freedom, together with cowboys, agricultural tractors, family cars and protesters of all ages who have been joining the journey and in the city centers with flags, dances and loud horns, make it impossible not to open up to listen, and it only remains to pay attention to human voices “not minority, nor unacceptable”, as described by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Real voices, voices of the voiceless, of truck drivers, yes, but also of ordinary citizens, families and doctors with knowledge that supports them: ethical truths, human rights, scientific knowledge, respect for the Hippocratic Oath, consent informed, to privacy in the doctor-patient relationship, to the right to treat and, above all, to freedom of choice and expression.

The Canadian parliament, before the “unexpected visits”, rightly discusses the right to freedom of expression and to be received to present their demands – this convoy left after 20 months of waiting for an audience with the prime minister by the guild of truckers. Meanwhile, thousands of truckers and citizens, estimated at their largest concentrations at one and a half million, continue to gather peacefully around the city of Ottawa, Canada’s political capital.

Why has it been necessary to reach a takeover of the city by thousands of trucks? How many have come to the city of Ottawa? How long will they stay? What truckers demand is not utopian or fanciful; His demand is the most natural: to recover the freedom that should never have been taken from us. The charter of fundamental rights, the political constitutions of each country, the Nuremberg Code, ethical treaties and a variety of instruments created to preserve the good of people and the community, have been transferred with measures, for many, of character not only abusive, but tyrannical. And it is that there are not a few who perceive the current political-health situation in the world as a global health tyranny.

Canadian citizens, like various countries around the globe, have been subjected to multiple mandates, such as conditioning free mobility depending on whether or not they have accepted to receive the experimental inoculations in progress; and others of more extreme inhumanity such as prevent children from entering schools, to stores selling personal items and food, to accompany relatives to hospitals and even demand extra taxes from unvaccinated people to cover expenses associated with the pandemic, among others.

In order to understand the magnitude of the injustice perceived in the face of these measures —if the transgression of the most basic human rights to free mobility, free access to culture, education, religion, freedom in the form of treatment or health, free access to work and the right to privacy of personal medical information—perhaps now is the time to dare to read, that here there have been two brutally different narratives for the same story: one, repeated like a recorded script that comes from some command or central leadership with an apparently refined and very well elaborated social engineering, with highly effective communication strategies, through the mass media, with descriptions very frightening reality checks, not exactly true to the facts, with very high credibility from the auditors; along with a tyrannical silencing of those who try to express any second voice, of those who have virological-epidemiological-medical knowledge, and/or anyone who dares to think, inform, transmit evidence, studies, observations, conclusions other than those offered by the narrative official imposed to be accepted and generalized as “the truth”.

In order to express their warnings and suggestions, in dissonance with the official narrative, renowned scientists, researchers and doctors had to seek other forms of non-biased communication and audiences in a receiving world that does exist. The truths, made invisible by the official discourse, are finally being discussed and disseminated. Different parliaments around the world, such as the United Kingdom, Austria, Israel and others, debate today, with increasing knowledge, what has been investigated and discovered during the last 2 years.

The first big question is related to the viral origin. Is it really “natural” as the repeated speech points out? Or is it synthetic with decades of development in various “gain of function” labs? Researchers, doctors, prosecutors, lawyers and other specialists are coming together to investigate and discuss whether this SARS CoV-2 virus was created and released intentionally or accidentally, what is the reason for prohibiting early, safe and effective treatments — triggering a COVID 19 scenario of disease, contagion and aggravation “without treatment”, with inevitable PCR + numbers (true or false) climbing daily, quickly transformed into a trap of fear and hopelessness—. And finally, what were the reasons for the forced reception with a good face and without comment, unknown substances by the same authorities: experimental inoculations with uncertain composition, safety and efficacy, but offered as the only salvation. In the speech “voluntary”, but in practice strongly imposed… whose preclinical studies and contracts have not yet been made transparent, so no one knows who will be responsible “if something goes wrong.”

Physicians with long clinical and scientific experience corroborate that safety has never been proven and there is no such efficacy, but on the contrary: no one can deny the number of serious adverse effects, reflected both in adverse event reporting platforms (VAERS), and in the daily observation of the great increase in heart attacks, vascular accidents and sudden deaths, among others. The images of athletes from around the world who fall in the middle of the game are for everyone to see, testimonies of children and young people who begin to have heart attacks, myocarditis, thrombosis and others that should never happen, if they do not have a previous history of disease.

Some of these doctors They are cardiologist Peter McCullough, pulmonary medicine expert Pierre Kory, general practitioner Vladimir Zelenko, messenger RNA technology creator Robert Malone; the expert in molecular ecology, Karina Acevedo, the pathologist Ryan Cole, vaccine expert and virologist Geert Vanden Bossche, former Pfizer executive Mike Yeadon, infectious disease specialist Christian Perronne, and the recently deceased French virologist and researcher, Nobel laureate in medicine, Luc Montagnier, Those who accuse a large number of hospitalizations and deaths could have been avoided if knowledge had been released regarding early treatment protocols – successfully indicated by various clinical teams as the first control mechanism for this pandemic.

Various communities have begun to access information and studies that have been tried to discredit and keep in the shadows with censorship mechanisms that are not at all ethical or democratic, as is the case of these doctors who are literally persecuted on Google with fake news articles, such as “deniers” or “anti-vaccines” on Wikipedia and dubious verifiers for exercising their freedom of expression and divergence around the treatment of the pandemic and demanding a independent scientific debate. However, people are also beginning to recognize that —vaccinated or not— together, it will be possible to defend lost fundamental rights and put an end to abusive restrictions.

Truck drivers in Canada, regardless of the degree of their knowledge of molecular, virological, epidemiological or clinical studies, are witnesses of daily events, and are fully aware of their human rights and the inconsistencies of the mandates that require them to pay extra taxes, tests continuous, or passes that limit their freedom of movement, work, access to food, to choose how to take care of their individual and family health, and without a doubt they have a clear perception of when the line of what is tolerable has been crossed.

The truckers of Canada with their convoy of active non-violence are demonstrating with great strength and peace that it is not only possible, but imperative, to mobilize the entire community, for the return to freedom in respect of fundamental human rights. Thus, they have received the face-to-face support of truckers from all over the US, and an impressive economic support in donations from various parts of the world (around 20 million Canadian dollars, through different crowdfunding platforms), although it is necessary to Saying so, the attempts to block your access to them are also abysmal.

The convoy for freedom is still developing news, its initiative has triggered an echo in all directions. We know of the emergence of similar convoys in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the sum goes on. The class action lawsuit is “stop world mandates”. And from the legal world, after long preparations, the Natural Law Citizen Trial called “Nüremberg II” also began, coincidentally, in the first week of February 2022, a great trial led by the German lawyer Reiner Füellmich.

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thank you canadian truckers