Thank you very much AMLO

The word Mexico is of Nahuatl origin and means “the navel of the Moon”.

En route to Belize and Cuba, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), made two important stops, in Guatemala and El Salvador; and in our country he aroused emotions among those of us who lived through the pain and tearing of an uncivil war, when he expressed his recognition of the Peace Accords and the enormous effort required to achieve them until the day they were signed at Chapultepec Castle, where he was a witness of honor the then president of the United Mexican States, Carlos Salinas de Gortari. AMLO expressed his satisfaction and pride at the role his country played in pacifying ours.

On the other side of the coin, there is more skepticism than confidence in AMLO’s programs and proposals to limit emigration from our countries.

The Mexican people are not certain clueless sports announcers, nor the police, nor the abusive immigration and customs agents, nor the drug lords, nor the hired assassins; the Mexican people is, in the diversity that fits in a country of 129 million inhabitants and just under 2 million square kilometers, a conglomerate of deep moral roots and very Guadalupan, where there is recognition and respect for the family and recognized universities shine such as the UNAM, the Ibero, the UNITEC, the Americas and the Anáhuac, to name just a few. And not to mention the Colegio de México, a globally respected center of advanced thought.

With higher education centers like these, Mexico has had the will, the resources and the time necessary to produce eminences and become the first Latin American country in number of scientists and one of the first in world literature, with figures such as Octavio Paz and his “The Labyrinth of Solitude”. This humanist, poet and diplomat (Nobel Prize for Literature and twelve other prizes) came to El Salvador in the eighties of the 20th century to observe elections, when here they were fighting to establish democracy by peaceful means.

It is up to Mexicans to confront organized crime, which for some time has been trying to put an end to the institutionality and governability of their country, taking advantage of the fantasies, illegalities and waste of those governments that at some point violated and mocked the Constitution, the Estrada Doctrine and of the principle expressed by don Benito Juárez “respect for the rights of others is peace”.

López Obrador is not an improvised politician. His recent visit made us review some parts of his personal and public resume, and we reproduce them here:

His history as a politician starts in the ranks of the PRI, where he was one of the founders of the Democratic Current and later participated in the split of said party that gave rise to the foundation of the PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution). His hectic electoral struggle culminated in his presidential election as the candidate of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) years after serving as head of the government of the Federal District, the second most important political position in the country. As an opponent he was very tough, especially against presidents Felipe Calderón (of the PAN) and Ernesto Peña Nieto (of the PRI).

López Obrador was widowed twice, is the father of five children and the author of 18 books, in which he invariably advocates greater honesty in the exercise of power.

Two recent events reflect his personality: the fact that he has ruled out the construction of a new airport halfway when the state had already invested billions; and to condition Mexico’s attendance at the Democratic Summit convened by the United States, to the fact that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are also invited.

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Thank you very much AMLO