The 20 best phrases to see life with optimism


Change the reality that surrounds us and that the world is a better place to live, has always been an old dream of all human beings.

However, turning that wish into reality has become almost an impossible mission due to the stress of these times. in what is asked to be productive at all levels, but very little on the human side.

But there is always a voice that guides us to keep that positivity on the surface and see life with different eyes.

That is why in this note we show you the 20 best quotes to keep your spirits up and see the bright side of life.

The authors are not just any character who has passed through this planet, but are renowned artists and diverse personalities from around the world. who, with his particular point of view, will help us to have a better vision of human existence.


1. “It is forbidden not to smile at problems, not to fight for what you want, to abandon everything out of fear, not to make your dreams come true”

Pablo Neruda, Chilean poet and Nobel Prize for Literature.

2. “Discard sadness and melancholy. Life is kind, it has few days and only now we have to enjoy it “

Federico García Lorca, Spanish poet, playwright and writer.

3. “Never stop smiling, not even when you are sad, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile”

Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian writer and Nobel Prize for Literature.

4. “Happiness is not something done. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama, Tibetan spiritual leader. Nobel Peace Prize.

5. “Do not let enthusiasm fade, a virtue as valuable as it is necessary; works, aspires, always tends towards the height”

Rubén Darío, Nicaraguan poet, journalist and diplomat.

6. “Everything can have beauty, even the most horrible”

Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter.

7. “There is a driving force more powerful than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will”

Albert Einstein, German physicist and Nobel Laureate in Physics.

8. “Life always waits for critical situations to show its bright side”

Paulo Coelho, Brazilian poet, novelist and playwright.

9. “If I reach my destination right now, I will gladly accept it, and if I don’t arrive until ten million years have passed, I will gladly wait too.”

Walt Whitman, American poet, essayist, humanist, and journalist.

10. “The real life of man is happy mainly because he is always hoping that he will be soon”

Edgar Allan Poe, American writer, poet, and journalist.

11. “I have always been inclined to think well of everyone; avoid a lot of problems”

Joseph Rudyard Kipling, British writer and poet. Nobel Prize for Literature.

12. “Everyone has the ability to change themselves”

Albert Ellis, American psychologist.

13. “Life is fascinating: you just have to look at it through the right glasses”

Alexandre Dumas, French novelist and playwright.

14. “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start to get the positive results.”

Willie Nelson, American singer-songwriter.

15. “Everything seems impossible until it is done”

Nelson Mandela, South African politician, activist and lawyer.

16. “Happiness usually slips through a door you didn’t know you had left open”

John Barrymore, American actor.

17. “Failure is a good opportunity to start over with more intelligence”

Henry Ford, American businessman.

18. “Selective memory to remember the good, logical prudence not to ruin the present, and defiant optimism to face the future.

Isabel Allende, Chilean writer.

19. “Once you have chosen the option of hope, anything is possible”

Christopher Reeve, American actor.

20. “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, German philosopher, philologist and poet.


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The 20 best phrases to see life with optimism