The 34th edition of the Jaume I returns to normality with a jury of 21 Nobel

VALENCIA. (EP) The 34th edition of the Jaume I awards returns to normal with a jury made up of 21 Nobel Prize winners who will meet again in person in Valencia on June 6 and 7 to decide on the six awards from among the 182 candidates submitted, 18% of them women.

The president and vice-president of the Foundation, J.avier Quesada and Vicente Boluda, They presented this edition this Tuesday on a tourist bus as a wake-up call so that Valencia and Spain, in addition to being tourist powers, are also recognized as research and innovation powers: “We believe in a society that creates”.

This year, the jury for the awards will be made up of nearly a hundred people, of whom 21 are Nobel Prize winners in different disciplines, three of whom will attend for the first time as a jury in Valencia. It’s about the doctor Paul Milgron, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2020 (USA); the doctor
David Julius, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2021 (USA) and Dr.
David McMillan, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 (SCOTLAND).

Of the 182 applications submitted, 26 are for the Basic Research modality; 15 to Economy; 38 to Medical Research; 21 to Environment; 24 to New Technologies and 38 to Entrepreneur. Among the senders are prestigious professors from universities, academic institutions and researchers from national research centers.

Of these, 33 candidacies are from women, 18%. In this regard, Quesada has recalled that participation is “free”, so “if there are no more women it is because they do not show up” and has shown the Foundation’s desire that their participation will increase.

creative campaign

The vice president of the Foundation explained that this campaign has been approached as if it were a tourism initiative with the aim of communicating what #ElPaísEnElQueCreemos is to “support all initiatives that seek to believe in creating”. Thus, like companies that create “wealth that is distributed among workers, science creates knowledge for the benefit of people.”

For this reason, they want to present this edition of the awards as a link to tourist activity in this return to normality and remember that although now “urgent” issues there are also other “important” ones – science, research and innovation – – that cannot be neglected because “they will bear fruit and will make us progress”. “We support the strong,” he stresses.

In this way, the aim was to imitate the old Tourism of Spain posters, but including some current elements that also represent the most innovative side of our country. In fact, he highlights that there are many researchers who come because we have “leading institutions, but also because of our quality of life”.


On the first day, this year on June 6, the Nobel Prize winners will visit numerous institutes and research centers of interest, mainly in Valencia, but two Nobel Prize winners will also be in Castellón, another two in Alicante and one of them in Sax, and the following day , June 7, the day will start at the Captaincy General with the reading of the ‘Declaration’ of the Nobel Prize winners.

Later, the meetings of the juries will take place in which the six winners of the 34th edition will be deliberated, who will be proclaimed in the Palau de la Generalitat by the president, Ximo Puig.

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The 34th edition of the Jaume I returns to normality with a jury of 21 Nobel