The adaptation of the stories by Gabriela Mistral are musicalized in a theatrical concert in Mexico

The Chilean company, Tryo Teatro Banda, will premiere “A song for the stories of Gabriela Mistral” together with the Carlos Chávez Youth Symphony Orchestra, made up of young Mexican musicians.

Thursday December 1, 2022 10:30 a.m.

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As part of the commemoration of the centenary of the stay of the Chilean Nobel Prize in Mexico City, the prominent national company Tryo Teatro Banda will perform in the Aztec capital on Saturday, December 4 to premiere the theatrical concert “A song for stories by Gabriela Mistral.

During the pandemic, Tryo Teatro Banda proposed to the Foundation of Youth and Children’s Orchestras (FOJI) musicalize the version of Gabriela Mistral for four classic tales of all times. This is how “A song for the stories of Gabriela Mistral” arose. In Chile he performed with FOJI with great success and in Mexico City he will perform with the Carlos Chávez School Orchestra.

The idea is celebrate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Chilean Nobel Prize in Mexicowith a joint project between DIRAC, the Foreign Ministry and the Chilean embassy in the northern country.

Gabriela Mistral (1889-1957), moved by her immense pedagogical passion and love for children, during her residence in Mexico -1922 to 1924- began to rewrite four classic children’s stories in verse. These are “Cinderella” (Brothers Grimm), “Sleeping Beauty of the Forest” (Charles Perrault), “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

The poetess received an invitation from the Mexican authorities to collaborate in the educational reform. During her two-year stay, Mistral toured the country, soaking up her culture and contributed to the development of education for girls and boys. This was critical to her career, as she gave him a new educational look and provided new sources of inspiration for her writing.

The director of Tryo Teatro Banda, Francisco Sánchez, commented that Mistral “chooses and selects aspects of classic tales. It is a delicious, subtle, very beautiful poetry. His Snow White, for example, begins with the character ripping off. She skips everything about the stepmother, the mirror and the apple, her version is only about the young woman arriving at the house of the dwarfs”.

“The music comes from different sources, there is Harry Potter and everything that one associates with music from classic children’s story movies. There are also cuecas and tonadas. The musical sources that inspire this orchestration are very varied. Working with Juan Pablo Aguayo, resident director of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra (OSNJ) with which this work was premiered, I asked him for harps, timpani, xylophones, glockenspiel, instruments associated with the magical world of music. But, fundamentally, there is an influence of minstrelsy in the music of the stories”, Sánchez specified.

The music of the theatrical concert is the work of Francisco Sánchez. In addition, Sánchez is the protagonist of the play along with Annie Murath and Valentina Jorquera. The wardrobe manager is Pedro Gramegna, lighting is Matías Ulibarry and production manager is Carolina González.

It will be held at the Los Pinos Cultural Complex, Salón López Mateo (Bosque de Chapultec, Mexico City) and is with free admission.

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The adaptation of the stories by Gabriela Mistral are musicalized in a theatrical concert in Mexico