The award-winning ‘The Honest Spy’ and ‘What do we see when we look at the sky?’ Featured premieres of the week

‘The honest spy’

Ambitious scientist Franz Walter agrees to work for the GDR’s foreign intelligence service and pledges absolute loyalty to the system until he can assume his new position as a university professor. But soon he will be forced to use less than adequate practices to get the requests of his superiors: surveillance and wiretapping, falsified letters and diagnoses, blackmail, psychological pressure … In short, more than Franz can bear. Everything oysters an image of the reality of the GDR. The film won the award for best screenplay at the Munich International Film Festival. The premiere is also brought forward to Wednesday.

‘What do we see when we look at the sky?’
Lisa and Georgi meet by chance on a street in the Georgian city of Kutaisi and their infatuation is immediate. So much so that they even forget to ask their names. Before continuing on their way they agree to meet the next day. Little do they know that they will be the victims of a curse. Will they be able to meet again? And if they do, will they know who they are? The film arrives this Wednesday after being awarded at the Berlinale, the Chicago Film Festival and the Seville Festival. In addition, it is available in the original version with Catalan subtitles.

This Wednesday the French comedy ‘Delicious’ hits theaters. The film is set in France in 1789, just before the French Revolution. The prestige of a noble house depends, above all, on the quality of its meals. When the talented chef Manceron is fired by the Duke of Chamfort, he loses his passion for cooking and decides to return to live in his country house. There he will unexpectedly meet Louise, who restores his passion for cooking and helps him open a restaurant. The film is inspired by the true story of the world’s first restaurant and was presented at the San Sebastián festival.

‘I never cry’
Another novelty in theaters this Wednesday is the film ‘I never cry’. Ola has to travel to Ireland to transfer his father’s body to Poland, who died in a work-related accident in the construction sector. But, far from being interested in him, Ola wants to know if his father saved the necessary money for the car that he had promised. It is while he manages to trick the foreign bureaucracy that he begins to really get to know his father.

‘Flag’s day’
Based on true events, the film follows one of the greatest criminals in the United States, who starred in one of the largest scandals related to counterfeit bills in the history of the country. Forger, bank robber and con man, but also a father of a family with a daughter who will receive his entire legacy. The film arrives in theaters on Friday dubbed into Catalan.

‘Impure state’
The erotic feature film, which deals with love in polygamy, participated in the Cannes festival. In the montage, two conventional couples are invited to spend the weekend at the house of their friend Daniel, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The meal proceeds normally until the host asks questions: Are you happy while you are together? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy an adventure? What’s wrong with an open relationship? From here, a provocative discussion between the characters follows.

George Clooney’s ‘The Tender Bar’ Comes to Amazon Prime
Regarding platforms, Amazon Prime premieres on January 7 the latest George Clooney film, ‘The Tender Bar’, based on the best-seller ‘The bar of great hopes’, by JR Moehringer. The film is an adaptation of the writer’s memoirs, which recounts the teenage years he spent on Long Island in search of a father figure among the patrons of his uncle’s bar.

The documentary ‘Absence of truth’, in Filmin
The award-winning documentary ‘Absence of truth’ lands on Filmin. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Maria Ressa, is the protagonist of the montage. The threat posed by the new populist regimes for | freedom of expression and of the press centers the documentary on the figure of Ressa. Likewise, the documentary also explains his confrontation with the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. All in all, it was awarded the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

Filmen also premieres the four-part series “Manhunt: The Night Stalker” (January 11) starring police detective Colin Sutton (Martin Clunes) and with the same crew as “Manhunt.” In this case, Sutton has to solve a 17-year-old investigation, the real case of serial rapist Delroy Grant, who terrorized a London neighborhood between the 1990s and 2000s.

‘El Páramo’ lands on Netflix
One of the outstanding premieres of the week on Netflix is ​​the film ‘El páramo’, on January 6. This horror film is David Casademunt’s slim opera and stars Imma Cuesta, Roberto Álamo and Asier Flores. History places them in the 19th century. The protagonists, the members of a small family that lives in a deserted place, and that will be besieged by a mysterious creature that will put them to the test.

The director explained in Sitges – where the film was released – that with this film he wanted to indirectly address the illness and death of his father when he was a teenager. “A terrifying experience, living his illness and the absence caused by being left without a father,” he recalled in statements to ACN.

Netflix also premieres (this Wednesday) the return of the mythical telenovela ‘Rebelde’. Elite Way’s international boarding school, now called EWS, welcomes a new generation of students with dreams of participating in its prestigious music program and winning the battle of the bands to become music stars. The new montage also features faces that former fans of the series will recognize.

With regard to films, this Wednesday the Italian romantic comedy ‘4 halves’ arrives on the platform. The parallel stories of four single friends who are paired in different combinations will challenge the concept of soul mates | twins.

The second season of ‘Big Sky’ lands on Disney +
Disney + premieres this Wednesday the second season of ‘Big Sky’. The creator of ‘Big Little Lies’ makes a second installment of the story of private detectives Cassie Dewell and Cody Hoyt, who this time meet again to investigate a traffic accident outside Montana.

‘The cleaning girl’, new HBO series
HBO Max premieres the drama series ‘The Cleaning Girl’. The montage centers on Thony De la Rosa, a doctor with a son who has a rare and life-threatening disorder. When her only compatible bone marrow donor retires, Thony is forced to work cleaning together with her sister-in-law from the Philippines, Fiona. The woman will accidentally witness a murder, causing her to live a double life while keeping secrets from her family.

Among the novelties of HBO Max is also the second season of three series: ‘The Gemstones’, ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Call me kat’, which arrive on January 9, 10 and 11, respectively.

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The award-winning ‘The Honest Spy’ and ‘What do we see when we look at the sky?’ Featured premieres of the week