The Cesco brothers were declared of legislative and cultural interest

In the month of February, our newspaper published: “The man from Arenal who dreamed of the stars and became a world-famous astronomer.” As a result of the note, the journalist Fernando Raúl Focareta, from General Arenales, presented a project to Councilor of Together for Change, Matías Geloso, where he proposed declare the brothers Carlos and Reinaldo Cesco of legislative and cultural interest, both world-renowned astronomers from Arenales. Yesterday, the same it was treated and approved unanimously by the Honorable Deliberative Council of the city.

“I decided to present the project due to the concern of the residents of Arenales, headed by Fernando Focareta, who sent me a project where the life of the Cesco brothers was highlighted. I found it very interesting, since they were very important and world-renowned people,” he said. Geloso in dialogue with Democracia. And he added that “both carried out a very important work for astronomy, that is why it is relevant to make it known.”

For its part, Fernando Focareta, promoter of the project, highlighted: “I am very happy and joyful because something that had been lost to the people of Arenal for a long time could be achieved. I am very satisfied. For me, who has been working on the radio for many years and I like history and culture, it is a great achievement. I believe that when someone proposes something, with work, they can achieve it”. And he assured that he already communicated with the daughter of one of the Cesco brothers, who lives in the province of San Juan to share this joy. In addition, he confirmed that “the family is very interested in coming on the day that the tribute ceremony and the placement of the plaque take place.”

The project, already approved, also includes placing a commemorative plaque in a public space in homage to said astronomers and disseminating their works and discoveries, both in the legislative, cultural and educational spheres of the entire District.

“The idea is that, beyond putting a plaque in the square, a newsletter can be put together telling their lives and stories, where all their discoveries and contributions to astronomy are highlighted; and that this material can be distributed in local schools so that the children can learn who these brothers from Arenales were”, remarked Geloso.

About the Cesco brothers

Carlos Ulrrico Cesco created the main Argentine astronomical observatory, discovered 20 asteroids and even a comet. In addition, he was the first astronomer received in the country and co-author of 15 articles with a Nobel Prize.

For his part, Reynaldo Cesco was Director of the Astronomical Observatory of La Plata between 1958 and 1964, and between 1969 and 1973 and also Director of the Félix Aguilar Austral Observatory. He directed the Department of Celestial Mechanics of the La Plata Observatory between 1955 and 1972. His work was recognized in the form of an award given to astronomers of outstanding performance in Argentina, under the name of the Reynaldo P. Cesco Award.

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The Cesco brothers were declared of legislative and cultural interest