The club of star economists

“The great economist,” said John Maynard Keynes of his teacher Alfred Marshall, “must possess a rare combination of gifts. He must be a mathematician, historian, statesman and philosopher. He must understand symbols and speak in common words. He must see the particular in terms of the general and touch the abstract and the concrete with the same flight of thought. He must study the present in the light of the past and with a view to the future. No part of the nature of man or his institutions should be left entirely out of his consideration He must be as out of touch with reality as an artist and as close to the ground as a politician. ” The meticulous description comes to mind because almost none of the successful economists who sat in the chair and taught in 2008 met the Keynesian requirements, as the great crisis demonstrated.

A decade later, the climate emergency and economic exclusions have finally challenged the neoliberal doctrine. New (and old) voices have emerged from its rubble with global tribunes advising governments and institutions around the world. Along with Mariana Mazzucato -advisor to Bill Gates, the Pope and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-, here are some of their main names.

Clichy, France, 1971. The nightmare of France’s financial elite.

His monumental ‘Capital in the 21st century’ –more than two and a half million copies sold around the world– is consulted like the Bible. Later he would sign ‘Capital and ideology’ and revalidate the success.

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New York, 1952. 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics.

He is the ‘influencer’ of economists (4.6 million followers on Twitter) and a (liberal) champion of the fight against the concentration of wealth.

He has been an advisor to the White House, the World Bank and the IMF.

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United Kingdom, 1970. Researcher at Oxford.

His ‘donut theory’ is to stop seeking wealth at the expense of the environment and equity.

UN Advisor.

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Paris, 1972. Nobel Prize in Economics 2019.

Advised Barack Obama

It takes an experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. Example: increase childhood vaccination with the incentive to offer packets of lentils.

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Gary, Indiana, USA, 1943

2001 Nobel Prize in Economics. Advisor to the Democratic Party

One of the main critics of the handling of globalization. He insists that GDP is not a good metric.

The club of star economists

Istanbul, Turkey, 1957

Harvard Professor of Economic Policy and global advisor.

His idea is to experiment without fear, with a good a priori economic analysis and clear controls.

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The club of star economists