The Dunning-Kruger effect is triggered in universities after returning to attendance –

It is usually defined as a cognitive bias whereby people with poor skill or knowledge suffer from an illusory superiority effect

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The so-called Dunning-Kruger effect, reported in 1999 by Justin Kruger and David Dunning, is often defined as a cognitive bias whereby people with poor skill or knowledge suffer from an illusory superiority effect, considering themselves better prepared than others. what they really are, incorrectly measuring their ability above the real thing.

So to speak, it is something like a self-deception like the one incurred by the witch queen of Snow White by the grace of her magic mirror.

In the university world, after returning to face-to-face activities in recent months, it has skyrocketed, which could perhaps be due to a distortion of reality due to the work and grace of so many confinements. In particular, he has two notorious tragicomic and paradoxical expressions, whose names are “gender ideology” and “inclusive language.”

The respective paradox lies in the fact that, in principle, those who have had the privilege of acquiring a university education should not fall into outbursts, more typical of uneducated and illiterate people. They simply have not realized that both expressions were born from the very crisis of the left, which has long since renounced the leitmotif of class struggle.

In the case of “inclusive language”, it is extremely shameful that university students have not noticed the rules that govern the functioning of language itself. That is, by saying, for example, the word everybodythere is no need in any way to make “clarifications” such as “all”, “all” and “all” given that the word everybody does not exclude anyone in any way.

And, like that, it happens with many other words. Rather, the “inclusive language” choruses and proselytes should take some good courses with the Royal Spanish Academy or the Cervantes Institute. After all, language, true language, is the quintessential expression of higher mental faculties. Quite simply, whoever reads, writes and speaks well, thinks.

For its part, “gender ideology” presupposes from the outset a reductionism from three to a quarter, which greatly simplifies and impoverishes the very understanding of reality. Sample button, an expression such as “gender violence” has no basis in reality, as has been stubbornly demonstrated thanks to the recent trial motivated by actor Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, won, fortunately, for him. In other words, it was demonstrated that violence has no gender. It is the eternal human condition.

This is even more ironic since the writer Doris Lessing, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2007 and a notable feminist leader, stressed at the time that feminism should not degenerate into a sterile and senseless fight against men, but that humanity should walk shoulder to shoulder in order to address and overcome so many major problems that afflict it. Among many, climate change and the imminent collapse of civilization.

In any case, the excesses are notorious in this regard in university gossip. To show a button, the institutional mail of the National University of Colombia remains full of institutional messages urging, little less than pressing, the faculty to sign manifestos and take courses in this regard.

Anyway, this phenomenon is called “gender ideology” for a reason, which suggests a meager scientific base. This can be well appreciated in the sharp and lucid criticism made against the ideology in question by Roxana Kreimer on her YouTube channel.

To make matters worse, the “inclusive language” has ended up heavily contaminating academic documents. Such is the case of the documents that are prepared for the accreditation processes of the curricular programs, giving them a frankly hilarious tone due to the evident lack of substance and synderesis in them.

A couple of Mondays a month, I have to put up with the corresponding outbursts at teachers’ meetings, although, thinking about it, such meetings have done a lot for the enhancement of my culture, because, every time I heard nonsense uttering nonsense to not a few of my colleagues in these meetings, I rush to read a good book later.

Well, everything that has been said amply demonstrates that the university is no longer intelligence as an institution, especially given the exacerbation of the Dunning-Kruger effect with expressions such as the aforementioned. Among others that are not lacking. For the rest, those of us who feel quite annoyed with this situation must continue to work hard to promote the creation of intelligence zones outside the university gossip.

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The Dunning-Kruger effect is triggered in universities after returning to attendance –