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Beautiful Andean.
Was Bello Andino a Nobel Prize in Literature?

Don Bello Andino has been awarded. Let no one think that because of his literary work or because he has broken a sports record. No. His meritorious feat goes further and it would be worth the Guinness to also be interested and do the same to the envy of poets who go from bookstore to bookstore looking for the 50 pesos that they get for the sale of each copy and thus be able to buy ” a gavillero ”of black tobacco that inspires new works, as told by Tomás Hernández.

Nor is anyone naive to believe that his award is for the “best Sancho” because his Don Quixote did not ride a donkey and less a horse, although he prided himself on not changing it while crossing the non-existent river of so many towns to which he promised to build bridges that nobody needs. His Quixote did not wear armor either, his hard face was enough for him and his nakedness that revealed him as a plump and vain king.

The poor and unhappy Bello Andino could not live with the ridiculous 8 pesos of pension, his dignity earned in the hard 12 years that shook the world, cannot be compared with the sweaty dignity of sugar cane mills, or of master tamers of impossible burriquitos who They lasted 30 years and could not even get them to learn to plow. Eight pesos! If you only have to spend two on water, you have 6 left, as Pythagoras well stated in his work “Around the navel of the world in 86 seconds.” He does not even provide for the dozens of candles and candles that he must continue to light so that his saints, which are increasing each time, offer him a moment of mutual peace. And from that altar there are many and more demanding, not because of the tranquility of the Bello, but for themselves, as San Pérez shouted to the Cuadrado when he lit a single candle of five cheles.

-Don’t fuck around Bello, even Emelinda Butten, the dwarf, set me five candles. Don’t be miserious and stingy. Do not rush, I wait for you here. You will see what a lost soul is.

– Ay ñeñe, the dwarf got her with the Lion. Bello replied in his

Incoherent bohemian prayers of someone who had never recited an “our father”.

Others thought that the award was for lighting so many candles to almost the entire palace ring of that time and that it left so many examples of neatness in the handling of public affairs that it even served as a model to write the “public official manual” that has served him both to the Homeland and that indicates, as it has to be, how to make millions, without anyone caring and that on the contrary everyone would like to have the happiness of being the graceful of the “little car” that the Holy Greater name as “So and so.”

The award for Beautiful Andino has been well won, as expressed by the eldest daughter of Mah Cheppa in statements live or Live, to the great and powerful radio station Radio Bemba, a radio organ of the economic group “La Banda Colorá”, a small arms band and long. His own director, gone out of time, is one of those who demand more candles and he repeats it, that he did have a candle in many funerals. And Bello has to take a flying boat and go to San Francisco to light up even estillas de cuavas because the passage of the buses leaves him dry and he does not have enough for candles.

Tell me, what can Don Bello buy for 8 pesos, apart from candles and large candles? And I underline candles and candles because I know the naivety of the people and to contradict Don Miguel de Unamuno, who used to hide himself when he saw them in the newspapers. And I would say that they should, not only underline the name of Don Bello Andino, but put it in bold, to remind the Treasury that 8 pesos is nothing / and that the look is feverish / if someone believes it.

And now that they have given him the award, he should take advantage of it to leave space for him in the Pantheon and, incidentally, make his equestrian statue other than with Tank Type because the sculptor would reverse the order and put the horseman ass.

Nor should he forget, for the award to be understood, his role as the shadow of the paper hero, who the mob transformed into a “little doll”, and that Don Bello acted in the dark, so that he could not be seen as a shadow, although He never tainted his master.

Who said that we are not a developed and advanced country at the same level as Sweden and Denmark, with wellfare included? And not just any wellfare, wellfare of 150 thousand reeds.

Because, be careful! Beautiful is not a sacred cow, it is not just any cow, because it gives conversed milk / Oh what a golden cow! …

Don Bello comes from 1955 when he began in public affairs to render his great and incalculable services to the country and Trujillo for which more than one had to grab a Douglas DC-9 in 1961 and go to Miami or New York or hide somewhere corner of the country so that he would not be lynched by calié. But Don Bello is not, because he is related to Siña Ahuyama and Doña Flor.

To understand the worthy Don Bello Andino, it is necessary to study the role of Alfred Pennyworth from Gotham City. But our butler of Máximo Gómez 25 did not serve the British Army or bribe the Burmese government with jewels. The only common thing is to belong to the “League of Shadows”. It was the time when Balaguer stayed in the Palace until dawn and had been bitten by bats.

But apart from the award, Don Bello should be assigned a small entourage of buffoons to cheer him on, to make him smile, even just one, so that remorse, or, sorry, boredom does not make him relive so many moments of glory that The people will never forget, like that March 28, 1973, when 15 lead bullets were given to the best journalist, or when that bloodbath was offered to the highest symbol of our youth on a rainy September 24, 1970, or in that environmentalist gesture of sowing the Central Mountain Range with living bones, which has allowed them to never die due to the safe delivery of the commissioned sowers with the rank of generals.

And what are 150 thousand pesos compared to the immense work offered selflessly to the Homeland?

What is 150 thousand pesos compared to the billions that so many generals took home and that no one doubts that they did it as an altruistic gesture to prevent some crafty person from being tempted and catching it before them?
Let no one come to haggle you with such a well-deserved prize, supposedly because there is no Pension Law that justifies it. They do not know that Don Bello Andino is above any law that is written on “that piece of paper.”

What are 150 thousand pesos compared to the billions that so many officials have already taken in less than a year? And precisely, this is the moment, more than opportune to give them to Don Bello before there is nothing left.
No, he was not a Nobel Prize for anything although he had one Prize
Nover by his side.

He was neither beautiful nor Andean, on the contrary, a great co-author of that garden full of “always alive” flowers.

There are foul home runs that are longer than many that go through the center and assigned hitters who lose a game.

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The errant and beautiful knight of the mist – El Caribe newspaper