The excellence

This image, which has nothing subliminal about it, isn’t it very current? Aggression is unleashed. Those accessible speakers that are the networks allow anyone to despise, harass, lie and, with poison, come to create an opinion! The breeding ground is infinite. We see how a Nobel Prize is discussed while any non-contrasted and multi-resubmitted parity is encouraged. I am not a pessimist, we all see it, we have entered a destructive era with a very uncertain future. Never before has humanity been faced with a situation like this.

And how was a myth like Leica going to be saved from burning? over a hundred years ago, oskar barnakat the Leitz workshop in Wetzlar, Germany, created the first 35mm camera that revolutionized the way people photograph and transformed photojournalism. robert capa, Gerda Taro, Cartier Bresson, david seymour they would soon attest to it. More than a century later, her exclusivity remains entrenched at the top… while she is constantly trivialized by obsessive and futile comments that appear in specialized forums. Most of her detractors speak of her hearsay, they have never held her in her hands, they have not had the opportunity to caress her. With reference to other chambers, those stubborn spokespersons wield against him that hackneyed and easy commercial argument of the ‘quality/price’ balance. They have not grasped that Leica is in another division. I will reduce it to something more graphic and easy to understand: at the level of equivalence, Leica is not ronaldoLeica is Messi. Other great cameras, eg Nikon, Canon, Sony, yes they could be Ronaldo. I’m not referring to today, of course, but to the long period in which they both lived through that hot confrontation representing two of the ‘top’ clubs in the world.

I would not want to bother anyone by bringing to this very earthly level the well-known conflict, from the end of the 18th century, between Mozart Y salieri, more a matter of egos and stubborn supporters than of reason and knowledge. The weather He ended up sitting each one in his chair. This helps me to focus on two conflicts ‘at the top’, obviously more frivolous, but which will be historically recorded: Leica vs ‘the other cameras’, and Messi vs ‘the other players’.

Leica seduces you from the start by its solidity, by its small size. Its compact lenses facilitate mobility and discretion. The sound of its shutter, the smoothness and precision of its focus, the response to touch… There is something sensual and intimate in its handling. Going out with her is an experience, you know that she is going to demand more from you than any other, that to drive her you need to be a pilot, that she ignores the inexperienced and ghosts. And she will end up turning you into an addict when you discover that, due to her characteristics, she has prevented you from shooting for the sake of shooting, on the contrary, she has led you down the path of conscious and thoughtful search for the image. Surrounded by uncontrolled ‘warfare’, we will use war terminology, the Leica is not an assault machine gun, it is a sniper rifle. It leads you step by step. And something of all that was -perhaps still is- in Messi. His detractors said that he spent the game walking. But just like that, serenely and without fanfare, after years he has ended up winning more titles and trophies than anyone else, without fuss. In the football, Messi has been intuition and creativity raised to the nth power, infused science is called. His contemporaries will tell their grandchildren that they were lucky enough to enjoy it.

I have been living photography (of and for) for many years. During my professional life I have used different types of cameras, different formats. I have spent thirty years fully analog and now I live and enjoy my digital years. I have only changed the process, from the grain of the film to the pixels, the ideas and the contents are the same. I’m talking about Photography. And I think that all this critical run-run towards Leica is a reflection of ignorance and envy. An envy transformed into an almost ideological hatred, and maybe that’s where I could come to understand it. What is her crime? Very easy, its exclusivity, I say more, its aroma of exclusivity and, consequently, its price. Sorry, I got mixed up, am I talking about Leica or Messi?

I will contribute my grain of sand. I work on my personal things using a Leica MP, digital… in which I use Leica optics from 25 years ago! The same ones with which I assembled that M6, analog, which I keep in perfect condition. Who gives more? With a simple adjustment, those never obsolete lenses interact with the latest digital technology and offer that irrefutable technical quality. Be careful, technical quality, let’s not get confused, because the conceptual and creative quality of the results that are going to be obtained with it is another story. In that, Leica is equal to all other cameras on the market. It is nothing more than a beautiful and expensive tool. It might end up being overtaken by a simple dark drawer with a hole as its target. Because the ‘added value’ will always be the responsibility of the user. It is very easy to understand, the Mercedes Formula 1 of lewis hamiltonin my hands, if I managed to start it, it would not survive the first corner.

In the history of photography, Leica is excellence, just like Messi if we talk about football, or Mozart if we talk about music… The unattainable achieved, excellence.

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The excellence