The Gabo Festival takes over Bogotá

The Gabo Festival will be held for the first time in Bogotá, in the Modern Gym.

Photo: Courtesy: Gabo Festival

In 1982 Gabriel García Márquez was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. During his acceptance speech, called The loneliness of Latin America, exposed the difficulties that Latin American peoples are going through. “Poets and beggars, musicians and prophets, warriors and scoundrels, all the creatures of that outrageous reality have had to ask very little of the imagination, because the greatest challenge for us has been the insufficiency of conventional resources to make our lives believable. This, my friends, the crux of our solitude”.

Forty years later, the reality may still be the same. For this reason, the Gabo Festival has been inspired by this speech for its tenth edition, which will bring together various storytellers from Ibero-America, in order to find new ways of narrating the region, those that help unravel the knot to which it referred. in 1982 Garcia Marquez.

Among the participants are the winners of the Gabo Award, an award given annually by the Gabo Foundation, in order “to promote benchmarks of excellence, ethical coherence and innovation for Ibero-American journalism that contribute to active and better-informed citizens.”

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Likewise, one hundred national and international experts will be at the Gabo Festival, who will participate in more than fifty activities such as talks, meetings, workshops and exhibitions, around literature, poetry, journalism, diversity, education, innovation and the creativity.

For this occasion, the event wants to focus on the audience and involve people of all ages. That is why Bogotá will be the epicenter to celebrate the ten years of the festival, which also includes a gastronomic offer, concerts and photographic exhibitions.

And it is precisely in the capital where Gabriel García Márquez found a literary refuge, thanks to the cafes where writers, poets and intellectuals converged. Not to mention the reputation that he was gaining as a chronicler while working at El Espectador, where he polished his style that was reflected in texts like the queen alonefocused on themes such as power and loneliness, which he deepened in his novel The Autumn of the Patriarch.

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In Bogota, his son Rodrigo García Barcha was also born. The year after this event, he served as news chief for the Cuban Press Agency. In the 1990s, the capital was the scene of News of a kidnappinghis last journalistic book.

The Gabo Festival, organized by the Gabo Foundation, created in 1995 by Gabriel García Márquez, “is the largest meeting dedicated to journalism, citizenship and culture in Ibero-America”.

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The Gabo Festival takes over Bogotá