The Historical Pact asks to look at the country’s conflict and not at Russia

The candidates of the coalition of Historical Pact exhibited their agreement to “not be pigeonholed” in a position taking on the attack by Russia to Ukraine and that this Tuesday celebrated its 13th day and that, according to UN figures, it already leaves two million refugees. Due to the time of the invasion and the number of victims, it is one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies since the Second World War.

Despite this, Gustavo PetroFrancia Márquez, Camilo Romero and Alfredo Saade – the Wayuu indigenous leader Arelys Uriana excused herself – agreed that, although they are against military aggression, for them their priority is to resolve the armed conflict in the country.

This was expressed this Tuesday, March 8, during the third debate of the great digital alliance of EL TIEMPO and Semana. Although the moderators, Vicky Davila and Andres Mompotessought for them to show their precise position in the event that one of them wins the presidency of the Republic, there was a consensus to focus on what is happening in Colombian territory.

Camilo Romero, for example, said that “we condemn the war in Ukraine and anywhere in the world.” “It is time for peace in the world,” he added. Alfred Saade.

When they were asked what to do in the face of this event that shakes the planet today, however, they reiterated in giving priority to the wave of violence that exists between national borders. What is Duque doing in the Ukraine and in Russia when he has to solve the war in Arauca, “said Petro.

Francia Márquez, for her part, said that she was recently in the Colombian Pacific and saw the suffering of children and women who flee from the violent. For this reason, she made a call to continue defending the search for reconciliation in that Deep Columbia.

To do this, he claimed the role of women. “The struggles that women have made for peace,” she said, should be highlighted on this March 8, when International Women’s Day is commemorated.

Then, they said that the key for them in the event of reaching power is not to allow themselves to be framed in the interests of one of the two superpowers, the United States and Russia.

Petro, for example, illustrated this call by arguing that there is a fight over fossil fuels and that now is the time to look for new energies. Hence, he has reproached Duque for his intention to interfere in that conflict. At least he explained “Santos made peace in Colombia and later was a Nobel Prize winner“.

The argument of the candidates for the presidency of the left is valid to seek the interest of Colombian voters, although it ignores the reality imposed by current globalization in which an event that happens in a certain place has repercussions in other continents.

The impact is even greater when it comes to a warlike conflict of the dimension that the world observes and in which the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy He has emerged as a hero for his resistance to the military might of Vladimir Putin.

However, even in the face of this imbalance they did not take sides. All agreed in answering that neither one nor the other when asked which of them would stay. For the left, which today leads in all the polls for the consultations, the priority is how to resolve the violence in Colombia.


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The Historical Pact asks to look at the country’s conflict and not at Russia