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Like Camus, in 2022 we will forge an art of living

One more mourning anniversary of Albert Camus was commemorated yesterday. The following excerpt is from the speech he gave in 1957, after receiving the Nobel Prize:

“We have had to forge an art of living in times of catastrophes to be born a second time and then fight, open-faced, against the death instinct that operates in our history.”

And here we are, also in 2022, forging an art of living.

Jesús Abraham Guerrero H.

Proposes to “observe” public officials and discover their interests

In the current social, political and economic context of Mexico, it is pertinent that citizens sharpen their sense of observation towards those who carry out public duties. It would be one of the good New Years resolutions. This would promote the analysis of the social behavior of each public servant, both in the executive, legislative or judicial spheres.

It is imperative to discover what interests motivate each senior and middle-level civil servant in the hierarchy. Know what social and political relationships each one has been weaving, and notice if they imply elitism, favoritism, bribery or embezzlement, for example, or if they are really frank and congruent with the ethical principles that govern the Fourth Transformation.

To carry out this task, any person who boasts of being conscientious must be well informed, make use of all the means of communication and clarify whether the data obtained as a receiver or receiver is trustworthy or false.

Social networks and newspapers can be vehicles of orientation, in addition, the presidential morning conferences are an inexhaustible source of information, for analysis and reflection on this topic.

Enrique Rivera Siqueiros

Goodbye to social defender Fernando García

2021 was difficult and very sad, because in his career he brought many social fighters determined to do their best to promote a true transformation of our country and, now, we start the year with the also very unfortunate news that our colleague and friend Fernando García Guzmán died.

The memory of their tasks in this struggle and their congruence as always help us to assimilate these difficult moments and we go back to 1994, when the uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation happened, we agree in Chiapas, their unconditional support for this movement, his integration into the leadership of the 100 people who constituted the National Democratic Convention in the Lacandon jungle, his participation and unconditional defense of Sutaur-100 and his struggle within this organization in defense of its workers.

We built the Monae, traveling through various parts of the Republic in an effort to promote organization and unity.

His sturdy, firm, determined and foolish character helped many of us to optimistically follow the path of social movements.

How can he not remember his participation in countless marches, rallies, sit-ins and demonstrations on top of the Sutaur 100-MPI truck that he always made available to anyone who required it. With its great horns and the voice of Fernando defending just causes. Many leaders will give an account of it.

With a left-wing, socialist, Marxist-Leninist ideology and a radical defender of his principles, for something we knew him as “little Lenin”, a nickname more than well earned.

In recent times, he has participated in the formation of the FPCM and has always contributed to the work of the MUS, the MAS-PP and was willing to continue contributing in the next stage of the struggle to build a true transformation in our country.

Fernando was crazy and radical in defense of his principles and as he told us The lone ranger to whom he will soon greet: “the crazy build the roads that later the sane will travel.”

We will miss you, Fernando, good way.

Benito Mirón Lince, David Villarruel Velasco and José Jiménez Magaña

Ask for support to recover your pension

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador: I hereby request your valuable intervention before the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde Luján, and the general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, to recover my pension after contributing to Social Security from 1983 to 2004.

To obtain this legitimate benefit, I filed a lawsuit against the institute, whose award did not favor me, since the labor authorities applied the 1997 law to me and not the 1973 law (which genuinely corresponds to me), which stipulates that with 500 weeks of contributions I can get my severance pay.

It should be noted that in addition to the indicated work period, I contributed one more year of contributions to the IMSS sub-delegation in Huichapan, Hidalgo (2021). This trial was brought in the Federal Conciliation Board of the city of Querétaro, file 1166/2016. Profedet’s public defender’s lawyers did not promote the amparo at the opportune moment after hearing the award and they were ignored to defend my labor rights. Marcelo Gutierrez Trejo


Thread and chocolate festival

Come and enjoy chopping with your family, friends and the love of your life, the most delicious roscas de reyes, accompanied by hot chocolate. We will have from traditional threads to gourmet and of all sizes. We are waiting for you at the Lienzo Charro del Peñón, near the Deportivo Oceanía metro, on January 5 and 6 from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Donation: ten pesos at the entrance of the event. Businesswomen Adelitas

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