The Logroño Theater Festival schedules 21 shows

The Bretón Theater of Logroño presents the 43rd Theater Festival, which is held from October 5 to November 27 and has 21 high-quality productions of theater, dance and music, which address very diverse and highly topical themes.

The program was presented this morning by the Councilor for Culture of the Logroño City Council, Carmen Urquía Almazán, and the director of the Bretón Theatre, Jorge Quirante.

This Festival, it has been reported, “offers a total of 21 theatre, dance and music shows, which represent a selection of the best of the theatrical production of our country this year, and also with three international proposals, such as ‘The one & The one’, a Franco-Austrian co-production; ‘Feste’, by the German company Family Floz; and the Italian dance show ‘Don Juan’, from the Aterballeto National Dance Foundation».

In this edition, he commented, “large-format shows and extensive casts coexist, such as ‘La infamia’, ‘Rif (Of lice and mustard gas)’, ‘Don Juan’ and ‘Very ugly illness and very sad death of Queen Elizabeth YO’; with others of a smaller format but of great interest from different creators, such as the production ‘How have we got here’, performed and directed by Andrea Jiménez; the Franco-Austrian co-production by Anna de Lirium, ‘The one & The one’, or ‘El retablillo de don Cristóbal’, by the company Nao D’Amores, also directed by another creator, Ana Zamora».

The 43rd edition of the Theater Festival, highlighted the Councilor for Culture, “presents very diverse, current themes with a strong social impact, such as ‘La infamia’, which recounts the kidnapping and torture of the Mexican journalist and human rights defender Lydia Cacho; ‘Rif (of lice and mustard gas)’, about the drama of the war in Morocco; ‘Homage to Billy the Child’, which deals with the use of violence during the Franco regime; the play ‘To end Eddy Bellegueule’, about bullying; and ‘Dados’, which deals with the issue of gender identity. These last two will have a special function aimed at Baccalaureate students on October 17 and November 14, respectively».

The program, the director of the Breton Theater pointed out, «also includes comedies, such as ‘The kidnappers of Lake Chiemsee’, directed by Mario Gas; ‘Feste’ or ‘Live Molière’; and has two dance shows: ‘El Hijo’ by the company of Daniel Abreu (National Dance Award) and ‘Don Juan’ put on by the Italian company Aterballeto, with a fantastic choreography by Johan Inger». In addition, he has added, a musical show has been programmed, ‘Desconcerto’, by Ortheis, the new Ampurdán Chamber Orchestra, which has won the 2022 Feten Award for Best Musical Show,

The festival offers a mini-cycle dedicated to the English writer and political activist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005, Harold Pinter, with two works: ‘Return to Home’, directed by Daniel Veronese, and ‘The Caretaker’, directed by Antonio Simon.

Jorge Quirante has underlined that this program includes “the impeccable work of young companies that are stirring up current theatrical creation, such as La Calórica, LaJoven, Ventriculo Veloz, Nao D’Amores, and A Panadería; along with works by companies of the stature of the National Dramatic Center, Spanish Theater, Teatro del Barrio or Teatro de la Abadía and Kamikaze Producciones.

Likewise, he has indicated, it hosts the most relevant figures in theater direction: Israel Solá, Mario Gas, Ana Zamora, Daniel Veronese, Andrea Jiménez, Claudio Tolcachir, Pascual Rambert, José Padilla, José Luis Arellano and José Martret; as well as works by creators such as Ruth Sánchez, Jessica Belda, Nerea Pérez de las Heras, the members of A Panadería, Ana Zamora and Olga Iglesias, all of whom are contributing new and interesting perspectives to current productions.

Sale of subscriptions and localities

The sale of full tickets opens from tomorrow September 13 to September 26, during the usual box office hours (from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday and from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Sundays). and holidays if there is a function; also two hours before the start of the function). The sale of seats, partial subscriptions begins on September 27. Sales by phone and reservations for groups can be made on 941 207 231 and online through the website:

There are special prices for subscriptions and discounts of 20 percent with the youth card; 25 percent discount for organized groups of 20 or more people; 15 percent for organized groups of 12 or more people; 40 percent for groups of ESO and Baccalaureate students; 20 percent for the unemployed and for students at the University of La Rioja; 40 percent for young people up to 29 years old, in the locations of the first and second amphitheater on the same day of the function; and a 4×3 discount.

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The Logroño Theater Festival schedules 21 shows