The Lumbini Garden Foundation is running as a mediator in Myanmar

The promoter of the buddhist temple macro project in Cáceres, José Manuel Vilanovahas come out against the accusations received by the Lumbini Garden Foundation for meeting at the end of August with members of the military coup coup of Burma (Myanmar) during a trip in which he was looking for support in the country, which has caused a cataract of “worrying” headlines and a “reputational problem for the city”, in the words of the mayor of Cáceres, Luis Salaya.

In this context, the president of the Lumbini Garden Foundation, José Manuel Vilanova, (who qualifies it as the Extremadura Lumbini Garden Foundation) has cleared up doubts through institutional statements in which highlights the mediating role of the entity.

“Violence in Myanmar urgently needs mediators to support a peace process and the Extremadura Lumbini Garden Foundation has sufficient credibility to run as a possible mediator” in the Burmese country, which suffered a coup on February 1, 2021, perpetrated by the country’s powerful army, which seized power from the government after arresting the leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Vilanova has also defended that the foundation’s presence in Myanmar predates that historical event, and dates back to 2019. And that the entity “has always had high regard and respect in Myanmar.”

cessation of violence

Likewise, it argues that in the airy meeting with the current government of Myanmar, the Lumbini Garden Foundation “requested the cessation of violence and the understanding of the parties for the implementation of a peace process that favors free elections.” And also that “the death of innocent citizens in a conflict that has been facing the parties for many years is stopped.”

On the other hand, it stands out that the Lumbini Garden Foundation has been represented by the Venerable Sobhita (honour patron) at conferences organized to end the racism and build the peace on the XVII United Nations General Assemblyorganized by the World Buddhist Council in New York.

There, the high representative of the International Buddhist Education Center and honorary representative of the Lumbini Garden Foundation hhas come as guest of honor “to explain the current conflict in Myanmar”.

This has occurred after the signing with the foundation “for the construction of possible Burmese temples in Cáceres, (in the event that the project obtains the corresponding licenses)”, he points out.

So the representative of the Lumbini Garden has gone to the UN to “talk about the peace process, while the Spanish media question the foundation’s visit to Myanmar”, criticizes Vilanovawho in his latest publications on social networks has praised the work of the entity he presides over, since “it continues its great humanitarian and social work”.

Thus, one of his latest collaborations has resulted in the Nepalese Government “to assist in technologies to produce and transform food in the Himalayas, opening the doors to companies from Extremadura in Central Asia,” says Vilanova.

commission earrings

Meanwhile, the local government of the City Council of Cáceres has yet to convene the informative commission for the buddhist projectwhich was created to “be a forum to open a debate on an important issue for the city”, and which has not met since the procedures for the construction of the macro-temple on Mount Arropez began, as reported by the spokeswoman for Citizens GroupRaquel Precious.

A commission that will have to elucidate the future of this millionaire project that has been clouded by the meeting with the coup and “genocidal” military junta, recalls United We Can.

“We demand maximum transparency because there are public funds and we do not want to see the name of the city involved in a project that is giving such negative headlines,” says the spokesman for the PP; José Ángel Sánchez Juliá, in relation to the grant from the Junta de Extremadura of 281,229 eurosas “a commitment to position itself as an investment and tourist destination and as a space for cultural dialogue between the West and Asia”.

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The Lumbini Garden Foundation is running as a mediator in Myanmar