The Macuspana Doctrine for peace in the world

As in other subjects, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador a village politician with an enormous disinterest in the world, changed his mind. Many times he repeated his idea that the best foreign policy was domestic policy and refused to attend the summits of world leaders. He sees world politics as an uncomfortable and expendable reference point and can show up at a diplomatic event with his shirt out of line, his shoes dirty, and he sits listlessly. As he did months ago in a session of the UN Security Council, he returns to preach for the entire planet.

His madness is expressed in his bravado towards the government of the president biden and his US history classes at home; in his disqualifications towards US legislators; in its continuous claims to Spain and its demand that it apologize for acts of 500 years ago; in his insults to the European parliamentarians whom he called “sheep” and his unfortunate proposals from diplomatic representatives that, to make matters worse and breaking protocol, he announces in his morning conferences before having agreed them with the recipient countries. Pedro Salmerón, a historian denounced for sexual harassment, as ambassador to Panama, a proposal that he had to withdraw due to the repudiation of the most conscientious sectors, but —let them learn!— instead he sent the comedian Jesusa Rodríguez, whose site it is in the tents, not in the representation of Mexico before a brother country.

Converted into a president who imagines himself of planetary stature, he now censors the UN, “prey to a political inefficiency that leaves it in a merely ornamental role”, while calling for universal brotherhood and proposing a candid peace plan for Ukraine . By the way, he talks about war, but never about the unjust and treacherous aggression undertaken by Russia.

But it is not the first time that a president has made a fool of himself in front of the foreigner, it is enough to remember Vicente Fox, his nonsense (the “eat and go”) and the debut of patent leather boots in Spain.

At the end of his term, Luis Echeverria he encouraged the possibility of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize or being Secretary General of the United Nations Organization. Years later, Carlos Salinas de Gortari tried to occupy the presidency of the World Trade Organization (WTO); he renounced his purpose when he learned of the incarceration of his brother Raúl de él as allegedly responsible for the murder of Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu.

The president who was docile in the face of nonsense and threats of donald trump; the same one who has remained silent in the face of Daniel Ortega’s repression of his opponents, who rudely bursts into the internal political spheres of the United States and who has established, with his resentments, a fracture that is difficult to weld in Mexican society, now cries out for universal brotherhood, from Macuspana he gives lessons to the world.

President of the Interdisciplinary Consulting Group

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The Macuspana Doctrine for peace in the world