The Miami Book Fair returns with a tribute to the Nobel José Saramago

Miami, Oct 27 (EFE).- The Miami Book Fair, the most important of its kind in Spanish in the US, returns in November with a program of panels and tributes, such as the one for the Nobel Prize for Literature José Saramago (1922-2010), in addition to presenting the biography of Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes among the novelties.

The event, which will take place between November 13 and 20, includes a tribute to the Portuguese Saramago, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature, to celebrate the centenary of the author of works as important as “Memorial del convento”, “Todos los nombre ” and “The duplicate man”, as reported by the organization on Thursday.

Pilar del Río, wife and translator of much of his work, the editor Pilar Reyes and the writer Laura Restrepo have been invited to the tribute.

In the Ibero-American program of the fair, organized by the Miami Dade College (MDC), the presentation of “Juanes” stands out, the recent biography of the Colombian made by the journalist and writer Diego Londoño.

The singer-songwriter, who reaches his 50th birthday along with his profile, will talk with Londoño about this volume published last September by the Aguilar publishing house.

The book, according to the program, reflects the singer-songwriter’s career, but also his way of understanding life, of loving music and of perceiving family.

Miami-based Cuban poet Carlos Pintado will be in charge of opening the Ibero-American Authors Program on Sunday, November 13, with “The Red Tree,” a collection of haikus (Japanese poetry).

Pintado is presented together with the singer-songwriter and compatriot Francisco Céspedes “in a poetic-musical dialogue”.


Also, the Spanish writer María Dueñas arrives this year with “Sira”, a novel in which the protagonist of her famous “The time between seams” travels through scenarios such as London, Tangier, Jerusalem and Madrid after the Second World War.

Dueñas will present “Sira” in a conversation with journalist and writer Mirta Ojito.

Also noteworthy is the presence of the Nicaraguan journalist, politician and lawyer Sergio Ramírez, Cervantes Prize 2017.

Ramírez will present his new work, “Tongolele did not know how to dance”, a black novel about Nicaragua and the end of the dream of the revolution.

For her part, the Cuban writer Wendy Guerra, author, among others, of the well-known book “Todos se van,” will speak about “literature in a feminine key and autofiction” to give clues as to how an intimate diary can become a novel.

It is a conversation about how the “aesthetics, subject matter, and depth” of texts by women authors of Hispanic origin writing in the United States are redefining contemporary literature.

“This is how we dollarize Ecuador: Memories of a historical success in Latin America”, is the book that the former president of the Andean country Jamil Mahuad will present in a conversation open to the public with the Argentine journalist Adriana Bianco.

The Vargas Llosa Chair is leading a debate forum for the media and cultural agents around the “drift of freedom of speech today”.

Participating in the panel are the Spanish journalist Inés Martín Rodrigo, the Argentine politician, cultural promoter and journalist Darío Lopérfido, the Peruvian journalist and narrator Raúl Tola, and Ramiro Villapadierna, cultural manager and current director of the Vargas Llosa Chair.


The Argentine narrator and critic Pablo Brescia will present “Planeta Diego. 16 looks at an icon”, about soccer player Diego Armando Maradona, while the Cuban writer and playwright Abilio Estévez arrives at the fair with “The image in the mirror”.

In its next edition, the Miami Book Fair awards its Lifetime Achievement Award to Cuban journalist and writer Carlos Alberto Montaner.

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The Miami Book Fair returns with a tribute to the Nobel José Saramago