The millionaire sum that Kevin Spacey will have to pay to the producer of House of Cards

Kevin Spacey will have to pay almost $ 31 million to the producer of the series ‘House of Cards’, available on Netflix, for violating standards of behavior in the workplace. In Colombian pesos, this figure is equivalent to $ 122,450,000,000. Recall that Spacey was accused of sexual harassment and assault in 2017 and this led to him being fired from the production.

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Although the ruling was initially given in October 2020, until now this ruling has been made public because MRC, the producer of the series issued by Netflix, requested that the verdict be confirmed before the Los Angeles court. According to the document, following complaints against Spacey, the actor was suspended and an investigation was ordered.

This study found that the actor “broke with determinations established in the acting and executive production agreements that set the standards for his conduct in the workplace, including breaking MRC’s harassment policy.”

The actor had been the protagonist of five seasons of House of Cards until the allegations of sexual harassment against co-workers began to be known. These arose during the #MeToo movement, which was born by the case of Harvey Weinstein, and caused Spacey’s career to be cut short.

In the document detailing the MRC request to confirm the ruling, it can be read that “MRC was not aware of this type of conduct by Spacey with members of the cast or crew of the show”. The actor’s behavior created a toxic work environment in which he allegedly made rude comments and touched employees without their consent.

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The 62-year-old interpreter played a conspiratorial politician named Frank Underwood. When he was fired for this behavior, the series had to be adapted. According to the producer, the departure of Spacey caused “substantial losses” for MRC and led to the redesign of the sixth season, which also went from 13 to 8 episodes.

The legal battle between the producer and the actor began in 2019 and it was until 2020 that an arbitration judge ordered the billionaire payment in favor of MRC. At the moment, the interpreter’s lawyer has refused to comment on the case.

Who reported Kevin Spacey?

The actor Anthony Rapp He claimed that when he was 14 and Spacey 26, the House of Cards star tried to sexually abuse him during a party. Given these statements, Spacey issued a statement in which he apologized and attributed his behavior to a drunkenness. In addition, in that same message, he said that from that moment he would live as a gay man. This sparked a great controversy, as it linked homosexuality with stalking behavior.

Another of the men who accused him of harassment was Ari behn, ex-husband of Princess Martha Luisa of Norway. According to Behn, Spacey touched his genitals is an act of awarding the Nobel Prize in 2007. The man committed suicide at age 47 and the actor never responded to that complaint.

A third complainant was a anonymous masseuse in Malibu, California, who filed a lawsuit for sexual assault in May 2018. According to the statements, the actor would have forced the masseur to touch his genitals. The man died and no details about his death were revealed.

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The millionaire sum that Kevin Spacey will have to pay to the producer of House of Cards