The most illustrious personalities that give their names to the streets of Vitoria

Doctors, benefactors, writers, aviators and even a Nobel Peace Prize. The gasteiztarra street map pays homage to those who have gone down in the history of both the city and the world. some of those illustrious people of Vitoria they are well known. The history of others, on the contrary, threatens to fall into oblivion. In this sense, a review of a good part of them will bring them back to memory.

local chroniclers

Thanks to their work, the most outstanding events that took place in the town several decades ago can now be known. Those chronicles they wrote have led them to give their name to some streets of victoria:

  • Gregory of Altube. He signed his works in the press as Millán de Leniz. He was also a notary and provincial representative at the end of the 1930s.
  • Norberto de Mendoza and Karl. His pseudonym was El duende del Campillo, with which he wrote his works in the press. In addition, he came to hold the position of mayor.
  • Jose Cola and Goiti. He was appointed honorary chronicler of the capital. He published the Sunday newspaper El Semanal, among other headlines.

To them are added writers such as Rosalía de Castro, Clara Campoamor, José Pablo Ulibarri, Pedro Ignacio Barrutia, Bizenta Mogel and the poet Ernestina de Champourcín, among other writers.

the benefactors

The streets of victoria They also receive the name of some of the most prominent benefactors from Alava. Nieves Cano, key in the creation of the Provincial Residence of Santa María de las Nieves, is one of them. The same can be said of Felicia Olavewho made donations for the construction of different centers, such as the convent of the Franciscan Clarisas.

ANDlvira zulueta, wife of the Count of Dávila, was another of the neighbors who dedicated herself to charity, achieving great achievements. Currently, she has her own way.

The lawyer and politician Victoria Kent also has a street thanks to her humanitarian actions. The same thing happens with Teresa of CalcuttaNobel Peace Prize.

the aviators

Between the significant street names there are those of two aviators. On the one hand, Leoncio Garnier, creator of the first civil aviation school in the city and of his own plane. With him he flew over La Concha beach in 1912.

On the other hand, it is found Joaquin Necklace, which flew in 1933 between Seville and Cuba, without making any stopovers. When he was preparing to continue his trip to Mexico, his plane, the four winds, He disappeared. It is unknown what happened to him and his adventure partner, Mariano Barberán.

The doctors

Two doctors have separate recognitions in the form of streets of victoria. In this way, the so-called Vicente González de Echavarri remembers the medical doctor who also held the position of mayor and provincial deputy.

The other optional is Antonio Tornay, who is remembered with the street called Médico Tornay. He was a Jewish physicist who became the first medical of the municipal charity in the capital of Álava.

The anthropologist Micaela Portilla, the Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, the actress Blanca de Silos, the colonel Ibaibarriaga, the industrialist Martín Susaeta, the professor Eduardo Velasco… The streets of victoria present many other proper names and with them, stories worth knowing in deep. Undoubtedly, a different way of delving into the past of the city and those who stood out for their work.

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The most illustrious personalities that give their names to the streets of Vitoria