The most important cultural events of 2022 in Cartagena and the world

On January 16, 2022, the news of Indira Cato, the secret daughter of Gabriel García Márquez, was revealed to the world from El Universal.

We entered February after three cultural events: Farex 2022, Cartagena Music Festival and Hay Festival de Cartagena. El Universal wins the CPB 2022 National Journalism Award. Read here: A daughter, the best kept secret of Gabriel García Márquez

March was the omen for Ficci. On March 26, the ceremony of the ashes of Mercedes Barcha in the Claustro de la Merced, together with her husband Gabriel García Márquez.

The Gabriel García Márquez Library was inaugurated in Barcelona.

The sculptor from Cartagena Óscar Noriega, with the support of some Colombian Caribbean institutions, donated a bronze sculpture of Gabo to the GGM Library in Barcelona.

Orlando Oliveros publishes his book La máquina de la memoria, in homage to García Márquez. Also read: El Universal wins La Bagatela National Journalism Award

The Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena celebrated 50 years in 2022.

The film ‘The Devil Takes You’, a documentary about Los Piperos de San Jacinto, directed by David Covo was shown in New York, Germany and Colombia.

National honors to the journalist and writer Juan Gossaín, named in April Number Member of the Colombian Academy of Language.

The new edition of the biography of Lucho Bermúdez was presented at the Bogotá International Book Fair (Filbo).

In April, the storybook “La ventana y otros cuentos” (2022) by Hernando Manuel Bolaño Escobar was launched at the San Buenaventura University in Cartagena.

May 7. Gustavo Álvarez Gardeazábal presents in Cartagena, his novel ‘The mass has ended’, within the Literary Conference between Spain and Colombia, organized by Sial Pigmalión.

Throughout 2022 cultural initiatives in music, arts and letters appeared in Cartagena. An overview of some cultural episodes.

May 17: Leonor Espinosa wins the Best Chef in the World award for the influential The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

May 26: Dora Moreno Zúñiga wins a call from the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena (IPCC) with her work ‘Esencia Festiva’, as the image of the 2022 Independence Festivities.

They celebrate 87 years of the Lady of the Bolero in Cartagena, Cenelia Alcázar. The video clip of the song ‘Llorando por dentro’ is released. Boris García, leader of the musical project ‘Heroicos’, promotes the biography and musical album of the great singer from Cartagena.

June 3. The poet Herbetrt Protzkar Andrade dies.

June 8: First anniversary of the death of the poet and narrator José Ramón Mercado.

The College of the Body, directed by Álvaro Restrepo and Marie France Delieuvin, celebrates 25 years of its founding, with various events in Cartagena and the country. It is the most important contemporary dance company in Cartagena and one of the best in the world.

July 23. Yenis Navarro presents her first collection of poems ‘The eastern side of my memories’.

August 4. Tribute to Totó la Momposina, the great singer and folkloric ambassador of Colombia in the world, celebrating 82 years and 60 years of artistic life. It is announced in the middle of her celebration, her removal from the stage.

August 21. Dayro Carrasquilla exhibits at the Muzac in Montería.

August 25. Gloria Triana presents her book on memories of popular culture in Colombia.

September 5. The poet Juan Gustavo Cobo Borda dies. The Cartagena writer Efraim Medina Reyes presented in Cartagena his novel ‘The best thing you’ll never have’ (Seix Barral, 2022).

The novel ‘Celia se rot’ by Héctor Rojas Herazo (IriArtes Foundation, 2022) is published in four volumes.

The biographical profile of Totó la Momposina, written by Patricia Iriarte, is published.

Jorge Otero Manchego wins, along with 8 researchers, the Alejandro Ángel Escobar 2022 National Award in the Social and Human Sciences category.

October 6. The University of Cartagena awards the Rafael Núñez Order to Sacra Nader, rector of Unibac.

The University of Cartagena celebrates 30 years of the Faculty of Human Sciences and is preparing to celebrate 200 years of the university institution.

The novelist Pedro Badrán (Magangué, 1960), appears with a publishing surprise in 2022: his new novel ‘Crímenes de provincia’, published by Random House.

October 7. Nobel Prize in Literature 2022 to Annie Ernaux. Also, Boris García presents ‘El ventanal’, a tribute to Víctor El Nene del Real.

October 21. National and international honors to Gabriel García Márquez, on the 40th anniversary of the delivery of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.

October 28. Closing of Leer el Caribe, with staging, concerts and talks.

October 28. Tribute to Jorge García Usta at the Music and Dance School Festival.

El Universal won the 2022 Simón Bolívar Award, with the Special on Hunger, with the participation of 16 journalists.

Tribute to the oral narrator, theater performer and cultural manager Dora Malo.

On November 3, the film ‘Rebelión’, a film about Joe Arroyo, starring Jhon Narváez and Angie Cepeda, will be released. Footage directed by José Luis Rugeles.

The writer Glenda Vergara Estarita wins the Toñito Carmona Novel Prize for her work ‘En la esquina te espero’.

On November 10, the dancer and cultural manager Álvaro Restrepo, director of the Colegio del Cuerpo, received a tribute to his career at the La MaMa theater in New York.

November 17. Exhibits, after 19 years, the artist Limberto Tarriba at the Museum of Modern Art of Cartagena.

Homage is paid to minstrel Adolgo Pacheco Anillo.

It is the 40th anniversary of the International Music Festival of the Caribbean, under the direction of Antonio “Mono” Escobar.

The University Institution of Fine Arts and Sciences of Bolívar (Unibac) acquires a new headquarters in a 9-story building, the former building of the Bolívar Lottery, in Plaza Benkos Biohó, which will also be the academic headquarters of some of its faculties, room of exhibitions.

The journalist and writer Germán Danilo Hernández (Barranquilla, 1961), published the book ‘Enroque largo’ (literary story, in multimedia format, digital edition, audiobook and print, 2022).

John Jairo Junieles wins the City of Bogotá 2022 District Short Story Award, for his work ‘Perpetual Motion’, among 200 short story writers.

Teresita Goyeneche publishes in TusQuets her novel ‘The personality of the pelicans’.

November 22. Pablo Milanés dies, who was in Cartagena on several occasions.

December 12. Unibac presents its show ‘Music in the Heights’.

December 13. Opening of the Cartagena Sílaba de Agua Festival, in homage to the poets Hernando Socarrás, José Ramón Mercado and Herbert Protzkar Andrade.

Tribute to the musician Leonardo Gamarra in Cartagena.

The sculptor from Cartagena inaugurates a museum in Villa de Leyva with his pictorial and sculptural work.

The artist Ruby Rumié closes the cultural year in Cartagena with two exhibitions whose central axis is the relationship of being with nature: ‘The fall’ and ‘We, 172 years later’.

Finally, the Cartagena writer Rosaura Rodríguez, who lived in Miami, dies.

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The most important cultural events of 2022 in Cartagena and the world