The museums of the Xunta and the public libraries offer this summer more than 1,000 activities for all audiences

Santiago de Compostela, August 14, 2022 The museums managed by the Xunta and the libraries of the public network offer this summer more than a thousand activities for all audiences, including exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and different proposals for family entertainment.

Specifically, the cultural program includes more than twenty proposals in the museum centers of different artistic disciplines: photography, painting, sculpture, video creation or performance that are accompanied by different parallel activities such as workshops or guided tours. They join traveling exhibitions in the cities and towns coinciding with anniversaries that are commemorated during 2022, such as the centenary of María Casares or the tributes to Florencio Delgado Gurriarán.

Virtual reality with Iñárritu and the art of Dalí or Le Corbusier

In Santiago de Compostela, the Museum of Pilgrimages and Santiago proposes discovering the Xacobean links of the ancestral dance known as the chaconne through more than a hundred ancient instruments and sound archives with the exhibition Chaconne. The Song of Santiago. For its part, the CGAC hosts three proposals as an anthology by one of the Galician photographers of reference in the 50s and 60s, Raniero Fernández, from Vigo, as well as two other quotes: The museum as a stage and Spanking of the Australian Narelle Jubelin.

A novel proposal is the one offered by the Cidade da Cultura, which invites to approach the experience of migrants with the installation of virtual reality MEAT and SAND, Alejandro González Iñárritu’s project that uses sophisticated immersive technology to understand the journey of people crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. In July, the first month open, more than 2,000 people lived the experience and there are still limited tickets for this month of August and September.

To this proposal are added the exhibitions Silver Way. airs of the southwhich crosses centuries and paths in the hands of 40 classic and contemporary photographers, and Objects of desire. surrealism and design, with works by Man Ray, Chirico, Dalí or Le Corbusier and which explores the relationship between surrealism and design over recent years. In addition, it is necessary to highlight four other quotes: Singular women: between the domestic economy and the business worldl, as well as the exhibition dedicated to Florencio Delgado Gurriarán, Constellation Luz Pozo Garza and scenes of change: María Casares-Pedro Soler. Collioure 1989.

As for the Camilo José Cela House Museum, in Padrona, it has just extended its hours and recovered guided tours of the foundation itself, which guards the legacy of the Nobel Prize, and also offers a photographic exhibition by Tino Martínez on Galician pilgrimages.

‘After the Whale’, with Manuel Vilariño, in Fine Arts

In the city of A Coruña, the Museum of Fine Arts celebrates summer with the exhibition Whale’s After, in which he invites us to delve into the work of photographer Manuel Vilariño through this exhibition that dialogues with the museum’s own collection. They are made up of large-format images, videos and installations that add up to 51 pieces, including a whale skeleton that gives the project its name and refers to the novel Moby-Dick.

In Lugo, the Museum of the Castro de Viladonga, in the Lugo town hall of Castro de Rei, hosts different activities for all audiences and visits to its permanent collection on the Castro world. For its part, in the province of Ourense, the Ethnological Museum of Ribadavia maintains the exhibition open up that divulges how was the process of conservation of the funds of this cultural association. In this same town, the Wine Museum has its permanent exhibition organized in eight rooms that provide insight into the history of Galician viticulture, with activities that combine the history of wine with music.

Extension of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Sea

In the city of Vigo, the Galician Sea Museum offers three exhibitions: The Portuguese Way. Memories of sea and stone and Albino Fernandez (1921-2021),as well as the expansion of the permanent exhibition with the new proposal on maritime pilgrimages and the Jacobean phenomenon: Roads by sea to Compostela. The marine environment also stars in the activity of the Massó Museum, in the Pontevedra town hall of Bueu, which offers guided tours to the public and activities for the captivated throughout the month.

For its part, the Campo Lameiro Rock Art Archaeological Park organizes workshops and guided tours of the site and its petroglyphs, which are being completed with informative activities to learn about the natural environment that surrounds it.

Activities in the libraries

The public library network has more than 700 activities underway to stimulate reading under the program reading counts a lot. Likewise, this summer the Corresponsables Plan is launched, under which the cultural endowments host for the first time about 40 activities with more than 1,300 children to facilitate family reconciliation.

It includes from camps to workshops or activities adapted to different age groups and related to the cultural field. All services are provided by qualified personnel. Specifically, it is offered at the Cidade da Cultura, at the Miguel González Garcés libraries in A Coruña, in Lugo, Nosotros in Ourense, Antonio Odriozola in Pontevedra, Juan Compañel in Vigo and Ánxel Casal in Santiago; in the archives of the Kingdom of Galicia in A Coruña, Provincial History of Ourense and Provincial History of Pontevedra, and in the museums of O Castro in Viladonga, Belas Artes in A Coruña and Etnolóxico in Ribadavia.

The complete agenda can be consulted on the respective websites and social networks of the centers, scattered throughout the Galician territory and in the Agenda of Galician Culture.

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The museums of the Xunta and the public libraries offer this summer more than 1,000 activities for all audiences