The Netflix biopic starring Kevin Spacey that we may never see

According to Hadley Freeman in Guardianwhen Ethan Hawke learned in a call from New York Times that the respected newspaper was going to publish “a great story about sexual misconduct in the movie industry, focusing on one individual,” the actor responded, “Well, who is it? Harvey Weinstein or kevin spacey?”. Because the abusive behavior of both was an open secret in the Hollywood environment.

One fell in October 2017, the same month of the maelstrom of the Me Too movement in which Anthony Rapp accused the second of having hit on him in 1986 during a drunken spree, when he was only fourteen years old. Later, fifteen other men made similar and more serious accusations, eight of whom, belonging to the team of House of CardsBeau Willimon’s magnificent drama series (2013-2018) for Netflix in which Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood.

He was removed from the role and from executive production and does not appear in the final season; Christopher Plummer replaced him as J. Paul Getty in the film all the money in the world, by Ridley Scott (2017); and the biopic gorewhich had been shot by Michael Hoffman (2018) for the mentioned platform of streaming with him in the role of the bisexual writer Gore Vidal (1925-2012), it remains well kept in some lost drawer of the company, complete and unworn.

Netflix hides ‘Gore’ for more than the Kevin Spacey scandal

Working Title

That great film that is BabyDriverthe best of Edgar Wright (2017) according to critics and in which Kevin Spacey plays Doc, was the last one that could be launched before the outbreak of the scandal around him and, therefore, without affecting in any way its distribution and ballots at the film awards. But The Young Billionaires Club, made by James Cox and starring Ron Levin, earned two-odd million dollars at the worldwide box office. A beer.

It had cost fifteen to make. AND gore, thirty-nine to Netflix, which has not been able to recover and there are no signs that it will be able to do so. By his decision, of course, but with much more sense than it seems at first glance. It was not just about joining the widespread rejection by the interpreter’s behaviorbut this had made the movie uncomfortable for the details of the libretto signed by Jay Parini and Michael Hoffman himself.

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The Netflix biopic starring Kevin Spacey that we may never see