The Nobel Prize, a recognition to honor the contributions to the development of humanity

Under the orders of chemical engineer Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize was born. At Radio Nacional de Colombia we tell you what this award is about.

From October 3 to 10, the Nobel Prizes are announced in six categories awarded by ‘The Nobel Foundation’.

What is the Nobel Prize and what does it consist of?

The Nobel Prize is an international recognition that is awarded annually to honor the contributions to the development of humanity made by people or institutions.

As a basic requirement, those selected must have contributed research or discoveries for the benefit of a community (society) or the world as a whole.

It was created in 1900 and is administered by The Nobel Foundation, an organization founded by order of the Swedish chemical engineer Alfred Nobel, who after his death – in 1896 – left a will where he established that his fortune (obtained by his discoveries) was to recognize and honor the people and institutions that have contributed to the planet.

For this reason the award bears his name, as does the foundation.

As another of his wills, Alfred Nobel designated in his will the (independent) institutions in charge of selecting each winner according to the category:

  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry
  • Karolinska Institutet for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
  • Swedish Academy for the Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Committee of five people who will be chosen by the Norwegian Parliament for the Nobel Peace Prize.

How many Nobel Prize winners are there in the world?

Currently there are six categories in the Nobel Prizes: Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Economic Sciences and the Peace Prize.

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Nobel Prizes: How the nominations are chosen

The list of nominations for each award begins in September of each year, no one can nominate themselves.

Those in charge of the list of nominations are members of the academies, university professors, scientists, former Nobel Prize winners and members of parliament, among others.

After receiving all the nominations, the committees of the six categories are in charge of selecting the winner.

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The Nobel Prize, a recognition to honor the contributions to the development of humanity