The Nobel Prize for Physics Takaaki Kajita, Escuredo and Carmen Linares, among the new Doctors Honoris Causa of the Hispalense

The Cloister of the University of Seville has approved the appointment of eight new Doctors Honoris Causa, three of them at the proposal of the rector, Miguel Ángel Castro, and the remaining five at proposals from different departments and/or centers covering all areas of knowledge.

At the proposal of the Rector, this distinction has been awarded to the former president of the Regional Government of Andalusia Rafael Escuredo, who was a US student; to Enrique Luis Graue Wiechers, rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and to the cantaora Carmen Pacheco Rodríguez (Carmen Linares), Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts 2022.

Castro has justified his proposal jointly because the three personalities represent “an institutional vindication of the Andalusian public university system and a recognition of Andalusia as the main responsible for the development and implementation of a public university system throughout the Andalusian territory.”

Together with these three personalities, the Senate has also approved the granting of the Doctorate Honoris Causa to five great researchers from the five branches of knowledge.

In the branch of Sciences to Tataaki Kajita (Saitama, Japan, 1959), Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery along with two other winners of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass. It is part of the T2K and SuperKamiokande experiments that are taking place in Japan and in which more than 70 institutions from 12 countries around the world are involved, including the University of Seville.

In the branch of Arts and Humanities to Dominik Faust (Germany, 1954), relevant personality in the field of geomorphology and geoarchaeology. Known and respected for his outstanding studies of the quaternary, visiting professor with numerous studies with the University of Seville for more than 30 years.

health branch

In the branch of Health Sciences to Amparo Belloch Fuster (City, 1952), president of the Spanish Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, a highly distinguished figure on the national and international scene as a top-level teacher, clinician and researcher focused on the obsessive-compulsive spectrum.

In the branch of Social and Legal Sciences Jose Manuel Gonzalez Paramo (Madrid, 1958), Cruz Alfonso X el Sabio, Institut D’Estudis Financers Award for Financial Excellence for his professional career in 2010 and Círculo de Empresarios Award, Doctor Honoris Causa by the UMA in 2011, academician of the Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences.

And in the branch of Engineering and Architecture to Carme Pinos i Desplat (Barcelona, ​​1954), National Prize for Architecture of Spain 2021. His buildings and projects have been an unprecedented exercise of freedom, which put integration into the environment and the experience of its future users before issues of appearance or program. In one of the few Spanish universities in which he has participated is in the University of Seville, on two occasions.

Analysis Office

On the other hand, the University of Seville has created aa Office of Analysis and Prospective in order to bring together all the data in the same service. It is structured into three observatories that work in coordination with each other: the economic and management observatory, the academic observatory and the R&D&I observatory.

The Vice President for Analysis and Strategic Planning of the US, Carmen Barroso, has presented this new service, which was created in response to the commitment of the government team to implement a “data-centric” strategy. The ultimate goal of this office is to implement, in the long term, a centralized system for the management of all the information of the US. With this, the aim is to support the decision-making of the governing bodies, as well as to have an instrument that, in a systematic, simple and transparent manner, informs society of outstanding aspects of university activity.

To achieve this objective, the Office has designed an action plan for the coming years detailing its different stages and methodology. The work will be carried out by ‘projects’, so that the different areas of activity of the University of Seville are gradually incorporated into this unified information management system.

On the other hand they have been approved by assent the projects of the Regulation of disciplinary regime of the students and of the Norms of Coexistencethus adapting to the national regulations on university coexistence which, in addition to repealing the 1954 regulation, introduces a new system of infractions and disciplinary sanctions and introduces important novelties. The US assures that it is the first university in Spain in carrying out this reform and will be a reference for the rest of the Universities.

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The Nobel Prize for Physics Takaaki Kajita, Escuredo and Carmen Linares, among the new Doctors Honoris Causa of the Hispalense