The Nobel Prize winner who said what nobody wants to hear in Argentina: “It is necessary to do it…”

A new edition of the Eduardo Charreau Award for Regional Scientific and Technological Cooperation 2022 in the framework of International week of science and technology organized between the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation and the OIE.

The winners this year were Jose Luis Solleiro from UNAM (Mexico); Stephen Aviglianofrom CONICET (Argentina); Patricia Tissera of the PUC (Chile) and Eulalia Prez Sedeo of the CSIC (Spain).

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The presentation of the report “Diagnosis of post-COVID-19 higher education and science in Ibero-America. Perspectives and challenges for the future 2022“, while different prominent personalities from the scientific scene held exhibitions.

One of the most prominent was the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2012, Serge Harochwho gave a lecture under the title “The Usefulness of ‘Useless’ Science.”


Science and technology week: what was said

During his talk, Haroche remarked: “During the pandemic we had a need for vaccines, which were developed rapidly. They did it because they had decades of basic science behind them. It is necessary to massify and intensify the work of educational institutions in terms of basic science“.

The secretary general of the OEI also participated, Mariano Soapmakerwho stated: “Due to the pandemic, a very important digital divide has been generated. Ibero-America has 32 million university students and we estimate that there will be 45 million in 2030. Many will study completely digitally“.

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We must improve the levels of R&D, which is very low in the region. This is the region of the world that has lost the most days of school due to the pandemic”, he added and concluded: “We are currently working on programs so that young people have a vocational interest in science, such as the Ibero-American Night of Researchers“.


was also Christian Asinellivice president of CAF, who underlined: “This exchange is key to financing these ideas and projects that will contribute to improving education. We must focus especially on the most vulnerable sectors. For this reason, we also began to focus on access to quality facilities and strengthen educational management. Also in terms of environmental sustainability. It is also important to focus in terms of transformation on technology for students“.

Other participants included Anne Chapeldirector of Higher Education and Science of OEI, John Paul Peacesecretary of Technological Scientific Articulation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Argentina, susana hernandezpresident of the Argentine Association for the Progress of Science, and Miguel Blesaon behalf of the Interciencia Association.

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The Nobel Prize winner who said what nobody wants to hear in Argentina: “It is necessary to do it…”