The passion according to Ayuso, Resines recovered and Putin concrete chest

Vladimir Putin

Politicians are rare specimens that tend to dislike everyone. There we have Vladimir Putin, a specimen who walks around the world offering the worst of himself. One need only examine the lines on his face or the quality of his baleful gaze. A succinct, tough guy with a concrete chest and eyes like tiny marbles.

He was born into a humble family (his father was a factory foreman). When he knew how to read and write he wanted to be a spy, and he was. He started spying on his neighbors and ended up commanding the KGB. He now threatens to invade Ukraine, as he already did with Crimea in 2014. It is believed the Zumosol’s cousin and play to scare.

Days ago he received Macron in the Kremlin and sat him down at his Spanish-made table (made in Alcasser). Six meters long. At one end he and at the other Macron. It was a move by the Russian in the face of the Frenchman’s refusal to undergo a PCR. Many wondered how they would manage to communicate. I got it right: by walkie talkie.

Putin is a rude, arrogant and conceited guy. If he were Spanish we would say that he looks like a pimp or a beach flirt. He likes to ride horses, fly airplanes and drive Formula 1 cars. He is also a good judoka, punishing his muscles in the gym and showing off his bare torso. One of his hobbies is fishing. One day he appeared in a newspaper with a 21 kg pike in his hands. The media showed his disbelief at the size of the creature, which looked like a shark, but they considered it valid.

Putin does not live on hunting and fishing alone. One day he said that he was fond of archeology and organized a pilgrimage to the underwater site from Phanagoria, off the Crimean peninsula. As soon as she put on her diving suit, she descended and found two amphorae so placed that they seemed to be on display. Putin told whoever wanted to hear it that tourists would come to Crimea from all over the world. They were not fools, no, the presidential advisers. They had put them (the amphorae) like Fernando VII. And the great leader believed he had discovered the Russian Atlantis.

Putin’s life has been marked by acts of bravado. The most notorious were his two nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize (2014 and 2021), both presented by the Russian writer Sergei Komkov. To compensate, he could not think of anything else but to present Trump’s candidacy as well.

With the Nobel Peace Prize we do not win for scares. Candidates have been, in the 20th century and so far in the 21st, the following names: Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Trump. What a bunch of angels. Serguei Komkov, the promoter of these outlandish candidates, won applause in Oslo for supporting peace in the world and also including the word God in the Constitution of his country.

And so far the life and miracles of Vladimir Putin, recalcitrant macho and tamer of various beasts. His wife Liumidla was not a beast and yet she gave him the passport after 30 years of marriage.

A lover of martial arts and the war in Chechnya, Putin has made his “Putinisms” famous (crazy and scatological phrases with which he presents participants in press conferences). The word toilet is one of the ones he repeats the most. You should show up for some floral games.”

Anthony Resines

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The first thing was fear, although perhaps it was not fear but bewilderment. But the days passed and it seemed to me that the obituaries in the newspapers multiplied. Sorry, not that I thought so. It really was like that: they multiplied. Right now I could write the name of ten well-known people (famous, as they say in life and on the street) who have gone to the other world without saying goodbye. Actors, journalists, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, singers, doctors.

On TV some came out narrating their hospital adventures. I remember the case of the former mayor Trías, the journalist Ernesto Ekaizer, the feminist lawyer Magda Oranich, the journalist Marta Romagosa and some others, like José María Calleja, who could not tell the story because he died halfway. Also, I remember the names of the series actor Jordi Sánchez, the journalist Carles Francino, etc.

The last one, Antonio Resines, has been 36 days admitted to the ICU of the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid. we leave it doing spots commercials on TV and we recovered it in the anthill, where he confessed his difficulty in overcoming the nightmare: “I come from a parallel world,” said the Cantabrian. . “I thought it had been 5 days and it turns out it’s been 36.” “I have a hard time remembering, the only thing I know for sure is that I move with a walker and I have 80% muscular atrophy. My wife says that I have been worse than I thought.”

Pablo Motos helped him remember the emptiness of the ICU, but didn’t get it and he stayed floating in that parallel world where everything is still and the patients feel that they have already gone to the other neighborhood.

Resines is reminded that we are in the sixth wave, a circumstance that he repeats to himself over and over again to prevent his memory from slipping.

What Antonio will never forget is that in the ICU he had 97 patients admitted and have survived 80including him. Now, Antonio is aware that he has to smile, not in vain time has started again.

Pablo Urdangarin

Pablo Urdangarin

Pablo Urdangarin

Guillermo Serrano Amat

Pablo is the second son of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarín. He is a handball player like his father and a model young man like his mother. For Point de Vue, a golden bachelor, and according to the sports pages of the newspapers, a promise of Spanish Olympism. In his free time he works as a tik toker.

This is how many have defined Pablo Nicolas Urdangarin, including the journalists who have had the opportunity to extract a couple of statements from him with the artichoke. Precisely the media have been the ones that have praised his family virtues, his sports skills and his noble family spirit.

I have seen Pablo stop when a journalist asked him to find out about his mother or his father’s friend. I never imagined that his education would take him to the point of answering even certain indiscreet questions. He always does it with kindness and without losing his composure: “We will manage this as a family.” I am pleased to know that at the house of the Urdangarin Borbón air their conflicts around a table. That doesn’t happen even in the best families.

Pablo debuted in handball at the Liceo Français, but immediately made the leap to TSV Hannover and HBC Nantes, where he improved his sporting finesse. If he doesn’t run, he flies. In 2021 he signed for Barça and moved to La Masía, which for a 21-year-old boy is like living in a Chateau Relais of the Bahamas.

By then he was already 1.94 meters tall and used a special bed. Living in Barcelona has served to broaden her horizons. Apart from playing handball, Pablo studies Business Studies at the European University, a private business school.

Papa Urdangarín has been involved in Pablo’s sports training and will supervise his career, because the boy is worth the effort. As for the business school, I don’t think Iñaki’s degree of involvement reaches that much. With the experience of Noos Institute he’s had enough.

Last weekend, Iñaki, the Infanta Cristina (ever thinner every day), Pablo and Irene, enjoyed their stay together in Barcelona. They may have followed the instructions of the lawyer Mario Pascual Vives, who ventured a reconciliation when he prescribes the temporary cessation of coexistence that, apparently, has been good for the two couples. And that explains why photographs of Ainhoa ​​Armentia with her husband and children in Vitoria, and of the Infanta Cristina and Iñaki Urdangarin with one of their own (for example: Irene) in Barcelona. Coincidences.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso

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In Madrid the passion according to Díaz Ayuso is being represented. The day before yesterday, without going any further, was the Friday of pain.

An unprecedented case. The confrontation is resolved publicly between the great leader of the PP, Paul Married, and the president of the Community of Madrid. Brawl broadcast live by the media, which is the right ring to resolve issues of jealousy (political jealousy, of course).

Diaz Ayuso is nervous and it shows. In Madrid they applaud her in the street, but Casado’s darts (accusations of corruption) have become entrenched in her soul and do not let her live. Married, for his part, attacks his rival with everything, although the evidence of his accusations does not give him enough to go to court.

Ayuso boasts of having finished with churches in the electoral arenas of Madrid. A good food for your pretensions. But before going any further, she would like to resolve her little problem with Teodoro.

The general secretary is the incarnation of evil, something similar to what Ayuso always said about Sánchez and Sánchez never forgave him: socialism or freedom. Or better: freedom or chaos. While he tries to get Teodoro into the equation, he is making Cayetana good, blowing on Vox’s candles and brightening Sánchez’s days to come.

The week is over and the accusations of corruption do not have a clear foundation. Casado’s speech is fragile and the evidence is inconclusive. Of course, the reasons for the Ayuso family’s longing for salvation are not conclusive either. At the moment, only the main premise prevails: the family that prays together stays together. As for the operation of buying the masks, it will be necessary to ask in another business that is not the one on Génova street or the one on Puerta del Sol.

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The passion according to Ayuso, Resines recovered and Putin concrete chest