The regional Courts publish twelve commemorative copies of the Statute, in a “deeply symbolic tribute” for its 40th anniversary

The president of the Cortes de Castilla-La Mancha, Pablo Bellido, presented this Thursday a limited and special edition of twelve copies of the Statute of Autonomy, with lithographs by the Cuenca artist Jesús Mateo, with which the institution performs “a simple tribute, discreet, economical and deeply symbolic” on the 40th anniversary of the approval of the basic regulation that gave rise to the autonomous community.

The press conference in the Institutional Chamber of Parliament to present this edition coincided precisely with the celebration of the International Day of Democracy, today September 15, and with the day that marks the exact 40th anniversary of the celebration of the first meeting of the Constituent Regional Courts, in the Toledo Convent of San Pedro Mártir, currently the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Bellido, who also made reference to this date at the beginning of the plenary session, explained that the collection of twelve copies published by the Regional Courts consists of seven original lithographs, the work of the painter Jesús Mateo, also author of the murals in the Church of Alarcón, a project sponsored by UNESCO in the municipality that is the protagonist in the autonomy process, since the project for the Statute of Autonomy was approved there in December 1981 by the regional assembly in charge of this task.

The design of these exclusive copies with author lithograph sites is a nod to the also limited and luxury edition that the State launched after the approval of the Constitution in 1982, with lithographs by renowned artists such as Miró, Gregorio Prieto, Antonio Saura and Juan Genovés, one of whose copies is in the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha.

Bellido explained that the twelve statutes will be housed in as many institutions with a symbolic charge in the autonomous process: a first copy is in the Library of the Regional Courts, in the Convent of San Gil de Toledo; another will be delivered in the next few days to the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, an appointment after which a route will begin through different institutions such as the Senate, as it is the territorial Chamber of the nation; the Federation of Municipalities of Castilla-La Mancha; the five provincial councils, “which were decisive in the creation of the region”; and three city councils of municipalities that around forty years ago hosted “meetings that marked a milestone in the pre-autonomous phase”: Almagro, Manzanares and Alarcón.

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“With these twelve statutes we are going to try to mark a small memory of the history of our region”, at the same time that it is intended to “project these origins into the future”, explained Bellido, who citing the Portuguese Nobel Prize for Literature José Saramago has remembered that “without memory we would not deserve to exist”.

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