The Rei Jaume I Awards go to Seville…

Yes, but don’t be scared, they only travel to make a presentation of them within a communication plan that began in 2018 in the city of Zaragoza and that has taken them to the headquarters of the CSIC in Madrid, Caixabank in Barcelona, ​​Iberdrola in Bilbao and Cajasol in Seville. As you can imagine, the purpose is none other than to respond to and promote the national interest of some awards that are distinguished from others, due to the prestige and independence of their international juries, their focus on science and entrepreneurship made from Spain for the whole world. and the success of their decisions, without forgetting their high economic value, a part of which must be used for the same purposes as the prize obtained.

The PRJI are society awards to highlight the best and highlight the importance of science and entrepreneurship for the progress of a nation, as the COVID 19 pandemic has shown in recent years. Without science, it is said, there is no future; but without entrepreneurship that transforms knowledge into technology or useful knowledge, society cannot benefit from the advances and does not support it as it should.

The presence of companies of the highest prestige, as well as the highest institutions as collaborators of our awards, gives us a great responsibility, such as linking their names and reputation to those of the Awards. We are proud to have their support and I am sure they are equally proud to actively collaborate with our foundation. It is an agreement in which the social benefits do not add up but multiply, because they symbolize the great leap forward that our country will take the day that the business world and the scientific-technological world get to know each other better, interact, cooperate and invest capital and work on shared projects. The big countries do it and Spain is (or aspires to be) a great country.

For this reason, we always try to focus on the important challenges and avoid limiting ourselves to reacting only to the most immediate and urgent ones. It is not always possible to do it, but if a long-term vision is not adopted, others do it for us and mark the course that society follows. In that case -and the crisis of the pandemic and Ukraine reflect- we join the team that we like the most but we do not lead it.

Even though they are such prestigious awards – like so many other things that happen in our community – our awards are not known and recognized outside of it as they deserve, except for the particular groups of R&D&i and entrepreneurship in which they do have the ascendancy that corresponds to them. That is why it is necessary to continue with an initiative that aims to make them known and collect candidates for this edition scheduled in person for the 6th and 7th of June. The juries – for which 63 Nobel Prize winners have already passed – and the quality of the winners are what support the exceptional nature of this project that all Valencians organize and finance to improve the future of our country.

It was a great vision that Santiago Grisolía had -who maintains his enthusiasm for science in the year of his own centenary- of creating from the Valencian Community and for all of Spain some awards of the highest prestige that would draw attention to the need to promote the science -and for 11 years- entrepreneurship. And to do it with the help and effort of companies and public administrations that have wanted to be part of a civil society project, always open to anyone who wants to get involved with their human, economic or intangible capital to guarantee its continuity and relevance. Thank you all.

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The Rei Jaume I Awards go to Seville…