The scientist Rocío Álvarez named ‘Adoptive Daughter’ of Caravaca

The City Council of Caravaca de la Cruz has distinguished Rocío Álvarez López with the appointment of Adoptive Daughter of the City. Thus, it was definitively approved in the last plenary session, in which the mayor and the councilors of the different municipal political groups reaffirmed their support for this proposal that recognizes the career of this doctor and scientist whose life has been, since his childhood, closely linked to the town of Caravaca.

Approval was also given to the modification of the municipal staff to start the process of incorporating a tourism technician and the motion calling for the creation of a ‘Purple Point’

The mayor reported that the file initiated a few months ago to formalize this appointment has received numerous and important support from the academic, health and social fields, among them are the adhesions of the Spanish Society of Immunology, the Murcia Health Service, the Santa María Pharmacy Academy of Spain or the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of the Region of Murcia. The Consistory began the process last May after the motion raised to the Plenary by the Socialist Municipal Group.

Rocío Álvarez has a nationally recognized professional career, as she was promoter and head of the Immunology Unit of the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca. During his career, he has coordinated more than twenty research programs in said hospital and in the University of Murciain addition to working for two years with Professor Jean Dausset, Nobel Prize in Medicine and promoter of the first transplants from the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris.

In other matters, the ordinary plenary session in November gave the green light to two management points proposed by the government team, which had the unanimous support of the table. One of them was the Modification of the Parking Fee Ordinance in Regulated Areas, which allows the price of green and blue zone bonds to be lowered one hundred and two euros per year, respectively. It is a measure, according to the councilor José Santiago Villa, which “part of a proposal formulated by the Association of Merchants, mainly aimed at favoring people who carry out a commercial or business activity in the urban center, something that we can now attend thanks to the municipalization of the service that was carried out”.

The second of the management points was the one proposed by the Department of Human Resources for the creation of a technician position Tourism. The councilor responsible for the area, Ana Belén Martínez, explained that the purpose of this measure “is the result of the future retirement of the municipal technician who has been in charge of this service, committed to the qualification and professionalism that, in order to face with all the guarantees the important tourism challenges that the municipality has ahead, such as the Holy Year 2024 or the digitization process of the destination”.

Regarding motions, the one presented by the Socialist Municipal Group for the start-up of a ‘Purple Point’ fight against aggression and sexist violence during the celebration of the pre-fiesta dances and the patron saint festivities. The point had the abstention of the Popular Municipal Group and the vote in favor of Citizens and the Socialist Party.

The Socialist Municipal Group left on the table the other two proposals submitted to the Plenary regarding the

car parks for the use of Sources of the Marquis be managed by APCOM and for the City Council to recognize the mayor of the Second Republic, Miguel De Luelmo Asensio.

The session ended with the point of requests and questions corresponding to the month of October, in which different aspects related to damage, maintenance and improvement actions on public roads were addressed.

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The scientist Rocío Álvarez named ‘Adoptive Daughter’ of Caravaca