The UAL recognizes the work of 3 students against gender violence

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19:18 • 29 nov. 2021

Six students from the University of Almeria They have been recognized for their participation in a story contest on raising awareness about the eradication of violence against women, whose international conference took place last Thursday, November 25. Its about first French-language story contest against gender-based violence. An initiative of the Department of French Philology that has had the support of the Equality Unit of the UAL and the Language Center.

The awarded students have been Vanesa Pereira Moya, who will enjoy a French course at the Language Center of the public institution, Pauline de Losada de Cruz and Eduardo Garcia Bono, who have been awarded a gift voucher whose economic bag is intended for purchase in city bookstores. There have also been three runners-up: Francisca Elvira Cortés, Loly Rodríguez and Isabel Martínez.

The event was attended by Syrine Daoussi, professor at the UAL French Philology department, Eva Díez, director of the University’s Equality Unit. Loreto Cantón, director of the Language Center of the university center and Raquel Contreras, head of the Unit against violence against women of the Government Sub-delegation in Almería. Contreras has highlighted that “It is necessary that among all institutions we support this type of initiative since young people and education is the only thing that will manage to put an end to sexist violence against women”.

Regarding the objective of this project, the teacher Syrine daoussi, has stressed that it is “to make students aware of this phenomenon because, as the reports show, it is something that is still not fully visible among young people” so that from this area they have wanted to “take advantage of our specialty, which is the French language , to give visibility and voice to the students so that they express their creativity and that they give us their opinion so that they can be known beyond the interactions typical of the classroom ”. She was also surprised by the variety of works received, which has had about thirty participants who have contributed, from the freedom of their creativity, to the necessary awareness of this serious problem that affects our society.

Eva Diez, Director of the Equality Unit, has highlighted the fact that the activities in favor of equality should not start only from the unit that directs, but quite the opposite. “We support, applaud and also promote that other departments, professors, administration and services personnel, and even students, can carry out initiatives within our framework of a culture of equality and non-violence that is part of the Equality Plan of the University of Almería, which is a UAL plan, not the Equality Unit “.

For its part, Loreto Canton, director of the Language Center has expressed the Center’s commitment to leave its classrooms and summon other departments to carry out joint activities, as is the case. In addition, he has indicated that when the activity was proposed he remembered the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, the Frenchman Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézioque, who has lived for many years in countries where gender violence is very evident and who says that the language French is her medium and her method of giving voice to those women who have no way of expressing themselves.

During the event, videos were projected with the stories of the participants of this contest and the winners read part of the winning texts.

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The UAL recognizes the work of 3 students against gender violence