The viral test that checks if you are a positive person: Which figure did you see first?

The viral test it has overshadowed other similar content because it matches the type of personality of the users who tried to do it. What does it consist of? Then, quickly look at the photo and honestly answer which figure your eyes saw first. This is a quick and easy way to get to know you better.

To participate in this test viral psychological, which causes sensation in Facebook and other social networks, you just have to say what you see first in the image, according to . You have two options: the cloud or the whale. Each alternative has a different meaning.

The beginning of these tests was when the American psychologist and biologist, Roger W. Sperry – winner of the Nobel Prize – discovered that the two hemispheres (left and right) that exist in our brain work differently, so the way in which we think is directly related to which of the two sides is the most dominant in the interior.

Based on his finding, then, countless tests emerged that can define the way of thinking and the personality traits of a person. In the same way, you must remember that these tests that circulate on social networks do not have validity or scientific rigor, it is only a test that yields generic personality profiles.

Image of the viral test 2022

This illustration will help you know if you are a positive person. Just tell us what you see first. The cloud or the whale? (Photo: MDZ Online)

Psychological Test Answers

If the first thing you saw in the image was the cloud, you stand out for your creativity. Negative comments affect you. You are very good at giving advice; however, you rarely put into practice what you profess. Your family is very important to you. You would do anything to see your relatives happy. You are attentive, generous and very kind. You are a person of your word. You keep secrets from many people and you will take them to the grave.

If the first thing you saw in the image was the whale, you are a person who rarely goes unnoticed. There are those who imitate you. Many see you as a role model to follow. People admire the way you approach life. You have exquisite good taste. You never go for something without thinking it through carefully. You tend to be very balanced in decision making. For you, what happens, suits. You seek to rescue the best of the worst situations. You always see the bright side in everything. You are very positive and optimistic.

What is a personality test?

Personality tests are questionnaires that are designed or created in order to assess the personality of an individual. In other words, they allow you to know what a person is really like. The tests that circulate on social networks generally consist of answering a single question: What do you see first in the image? The answer will allow the user to know about her way of being.

What is the origin of personality tests?

According to the first personality tests were developed in 1920. These questionnaires “they were intended to facilitate the personnel selection process, particularly in the armed forces.”

In these times, many users from different parts of the world are interested in knowing more about their way of being. That is why in social networks there are several simple tests that allow Internet users to know everything related to their personality.

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The viral test that checks if you are a positive person: Which figure did you see first?