The World Cup song that is all the rage among fans becomes a hymn to Borges

As the illusion grows Soccer World Cup in Qatarthe national fervor that provokes the arrival of the selection to the final after yesterday’s victory against Croatia expands to fans of other disciplines. On Monday, the Tucuman writer Federico García Hamilton published on his Facebook account an “ode” to Lionel Messi’s compadrita phrase, “What a look, silly, go payá, silly”, which went viral in WhatsApp groups and was read by journalists and broadcasters from all over the country. In their accounts on social networks, soccer writers like Edgardo Scott, Sergio OlguinWalter Lezcano and Reynaldo Sietecase shared their impressions on Messi and the national team (also non-soccer fans, such as the poet and priest Hugo Mujica).

Yesterday, in the preview of the match in which the national team thrashed, the writer and journalist Daniel Mecca (Buenos Aires, 1986), creator of the literary festival dedicated to Jorge Luis Borges, the #BorgesPalooza, uploaded to his YouTube channel a new version of the song that is all the rage among Argentine fans, “Boys, today we got excited again”, by the group La Mosca. The lyrics of “Borgeeeaaanos, let’s claim the Nobel” do not refer to Messi, Maradona and the desire of Argentines to be world champions, but to the author of The Alephand fulfills another Argentine dream: that the greatest national writer lifts the “world cup of letters”, the Nobel Prize in Literature that was always denied him. Says so:

In Palermo he lived,

with Norah and Dona Eleanor,

with the evil tales

that he learned from the neighborhood.

To Geneva he departed,

a few years to study

with avant-garde poems

Borges began to play.

But one day he came back

Argentina was his home

wrote so many fictions

that changed reality.


Let’s claim the Nobel Prize

for Georgie who wrote

as Lionel steps on it.

and with Funes

in our memory will remain

Borges raising the Nobel

and readers to encourage.

In the video, Mecca sings and plays the guitar. “The idea of ​​writing the Borgean song with the World Cup hit was, first, an impulse of happiness generated by soccer, this team, this World Cup and especially Messi, who is a branch of fantastic literature -he says to LA NACION-. I absolutely do not believe that those of us who work with words cannot enjoy and be part of this sport of unclassifiable happiness. And then it is part of the initiatives that I organize around the figure of Borges to bring him closer to new readers and new generations such as the #BorgesPalooza. As he says in the song: Georgie wrote how Lionel plays. Two solar characters. The other, the same”.

The writer and singer is a soccer fan. “Not only going to the field but also playing football, as a goalkeeper -reveals the author of Troy, remove this chalice from me-. First ‘daddy soccer’ as a boy and then futsal as a teenager. I wrote the song handle, before the match against Croatia”.

Mecca also yesterday published a text on his Instagram account, “From Ulises to Lionel Messi: the persistence of the hero”, where he compares the player with the protagonist of the Odyssey. “That is his true foundation: that Lionel continues to be Messi for 18 continuous years. It is like the sun that rises every day. As elemental and vital and fantastic as that. But it is not about idolizing Messi as a divinity or an act of faith – even the god Helios, in the Odyssey, should be subordinated to Zeus-, but as the manifestation of something simpler: watching him play soccer makes him happy. And in a country where the economy -I mean, the historical looters of the economy- is rooted in unhappiness, one of his moves produces a popular emotion that encourages anything. Even if it’s a while. Even if it’s football.” Borges and Messi, Olympics.

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The World Cup song that is all the rage among fans becomes a hymn to Borges