The writers’ associations of Spain ask the State to buy Aleixandre’s house and forget about his file

The writers’ associations of Spain have issued a statement asking the different administrations to put an end to the Velintonia abandonmentthe house of the Nobel prize Vincent Alexanderwhich, as we have reported on ABC, is pending auction for 4.6 million euros and it has recently been declared an Asset of Patrimonial Interest (BIP), the second level of protection provided by law. In his opinion, the current state of the house, completely empty and uninhabitable for years, has “unfortunate effects and consequences for the cultural and literary memory” of all of Spain.

«The Associations consider urgent the position of the Ministry of Culture and Sports promoting a process in which, together with the Community of Madrid and its City Council, leads to the conversion of the house of the Nobel Prize in Vicente Aleixandre House Museum / House of Poetry, applying the Historical Heritage Law and ending the lack of definition and the lack of solutions of these last 40 years and responding to a historical demand from the Association of Friends of Vicente Aleixandre “, reads the statement. It is signed by the Collegiate Association of Writers of Spain (ACE), the Collegiate Association of Writers of Catalonia (ACEC), the Association of Writers of Euskadi (AEE/EIE), the Aragonese Association of Writers (AAE), the Association of Writers and Critics of Valencia (CLAVE), the Association of Writers from Extremadura (AEEX), the Navarre Association of Writers, the Association of Writers of Asturias (AEA), the Cantabrian Society of Writers and the New Canarian Association of Writers (NACE) and the Association of Writers of Castilla La Mancha (AECL).

The associations consider that the Velintonia BIP statement, which was culminated with all the interested parties against it, is “clearly insufficient” and they demand that its protection be that of a Property of Cultural Interest (BIC). In addition, they add that “after submitting it to a judicial auction, the Government of Spain should meet with those responsible for the City Council and the Community and start a negotiation process that allows the assumption, by the State, of ownership of the property and its declaration, under article 61 of the state law of Historical Heritage, as a House Museum ». Consulted by ABC, from the Ministry of Culture and Sports they limit themselves to saying that “there is no news about it.”

In recent months, since the owners of the house – divided into two parties – began the process of dissolving the inheritance condominium for sale at auction, no administration has contacted them. In June, a court ordered the publication of the auction in the BOE, but this procedure has not yet taken place. Only in 2007, when carmen bald She was Minister of Culture, there were negotiations between the Government and owners, but the project was blown up because the Nobel heirs considered that the offer presented was insufficient.

“The situation cannot wait any longer. The cultural world and writers, both from Spain and from the rest of the world, especially the vast territory of the Spanish language, on both sides of the Atlantic, are ashamed of the situation in which an essential piece of one’s memory is found. of the two Spanish poets, along with Juan Ramon Jimenezawarded the Nobel Prize for Literature”, conclude the writers’ associations.

The statement does not mention the personal file of Vicente Aleixandre, which has just been declared BIC and which includes his library, his correspondence and his manuscripts, among other personal objects, and which is in the hands of Ruth Bousoño, widow of Carlos Bousoño, who has manifested in these pages his intention to sell it.

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The writers’ associations of Spain ask the State to buy Aleixandre’s house and forget about his file